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Diagnostics and Therapy

Clinical nuclear medicine offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, particularly in oncology (e.g. malignant tumors, sentinel lymph node scintigraphy, pain reducing radionuclide therapy in bone metastasis), in neurology (e. g. brain related diseases, Parkinson, Alzheimer) and cardiology (e. g. cardiovascular disease, infarction).

In oncology, the method has various accepted fields of use: Primary tumor diagnostics (tumor search when localization of primary tumor is unknown), differential diagnostics between benign and malignant tumors), general diagnostics (staging for possible lymphnode and distant metastases), therapy planning, therapy monitoring (assessment of therapy response), and tumor follow-up, e.g. in case of rising tumor markers. For all these questions, PET/CT enables early information which are important for therapy planning and may change the patient management in many cases.