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Prof. Dr. med. Peter Bartenstein

Campus Grosshadern:

Marchioninistraße 15
D-81377 München
Tel.  089 4400 7 4646
Fax  089 4400 7 7646

Campus Innenstadt:

Ziemssenstraße 1
D-80336 München
Tel. 089 4400 5 2434
Fax 089 4400 5 4555

Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics

Nuclear medicine covers the medical application of radioactive pharmaceuticals for diagnostics, therapy and science. Our department offers the whole range of modern nuclear-medical examinations and treatment options, including pediatric nuclear medicine. We are the largest facility of this kind in Germany. [more...]


The radiopharmacy unit of the department of nuclear medicine LMU in Großhadern offers the opportunity to produce radioactive drugs in GMP ... [more...]

Laboratory for Preclinical Imaging

Study examples 18F-FDG scan of a mouse’s heart Anesthetized healthy mouse imaged with 18F-FDG in the small animal PET. The high tracer accumulation in the heart wall denotes the high metabolic activity (i.e. energy consumption) of the heart muscle compared to its neighboring areas. The separation of data into multiple phases of the heart beat cycle was achieved by connecting a physiological monitoring system for small animals and deriving an ECG of the animal during acquisition. [more...]
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