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Nuclear Medicine Therapy

Instructions for foreign patients

We are pleased to assess whether your medical concern is feasible for a treatment at our department. Your request will be processed quicker if the presented medical information is precise and up to date.

  • All documents should be translated into English or German.
  • Mandatory Information
    • Description of the physical condition and the reason of the request
    • Up-to-date medical reports (including laboratory reports, imaging reports, operation and histology reports if available)

  • We will review your reports and provide feedback and further information as soon as possible.

  • You can send your reports to the colleagues from our therapy ward K0:

Phone: +4989-4400-74536
Fax: +4989-44007-7534

  • Our clinics international patient office (IPO) will prepare a cost estimate for you.
    • Fur further information please visit:

About our therapy ward:

The therapy unit of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Campus Grosshadern (therapy ward K0) offers 16 beds for all currently available nuclear medicine therapy options. The unit is equipped with modern 2 bed rooms and two 1 bed rooms. Each room has its own toilet, color TV and telephone (payable).

Patients will not find any difference between the therapy-unit rooms and the common rooms in a hospital. The special steps that are needed to comply with the strict radiation protection regulations are hidden. These include separate waste disposal, catching all excrements, and specific constructional steps (for instance wall thickness, materials, etc.).

The duration of your stay will depend on the administered dose of radioactivity, generally it is less than one week including preparations, which can be partly done under ambulatory conditions. Generally, however, you will only have to stay 2 – 3 days in the patient room; the remaining time may be spent on the entire unit, in the lounge or on the unit’s terrace.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised of their stay since the nuclear medical therapies are generally pain-free and hardly have severe side-effects. The prohibition of visits by friends or relatives during the stay is considered a disadvantage, but the radiation protection regulation does not allow otherwise.

What do you have to bring?

A referral letter from your family doctor or specialist is needed for in-patient admission. The central patient reception will need also your health insurance card.
Please have the most important documents on your clinical case ready at the start of your stay (e.g. external diagnostic scans, reports, medication etc.).
Please bring comfortable, easily washable clothing, washing utensils, and things to spend your time on (e.g books, tablets, notebook), calculated for a hospital stay of approx. one week. You may easily take these things back home. Free wireless LAN is available in all rooms. In addition to one senior and two junior physicians, the unit has 12 nurses handling your individual needs and desires. A physicist is in charge of radiation protection and technical support.




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089 4400 -74636

Patient Room (Station K0) Patient Room (Station K0)
Terrace (Station K0) Patient Terrace (Station K0)