Z1: Ethical, legal, psychosocial, and societal issues (ELSI) of xenotransplantation (XT)

The medical ethical sub-project (Marckmann) will investigate the informed consent process for XT-trials with an interview study of diabetes patients receiving porcine islet cells and will promote public understanding and discourse with a citizen council on the ethics of XT. The theological-ethical sub-project (Sautermeister) will investigate the religion-related biographical and societal acceptability of XT including challenges of identity management and will develop and evaluate a framework for pastoral and psychological counselling. The legal sub-project (Hoppe) will develop perspectives for governance in the field of XT based on current frameworks (i.e. laws, regulation, guidelines), develop a taxonomy of normative entities in XT and conduct an interview study to assess the integrated ELSI research in XT.