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Research Areas

To achieve its ambitious goals, the Consortium is structured into three closely interacting Research Areas, which are supported by Central Projects focused on ethical, legal and societal issues (Z1), microbiological safety (Z2), provision of safe donor pigs with effective genetic modifications (Z3), and non-human primate (NHP) studies (Z4).

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A: Immunity/Tolerance

The five projects in Research Area A investigate and attempt to modulate immune mechanisms at the xenograft-host interface. [mehr...]

B: Novel transgenic strategies

This group of projects encompasses new strategies for immunological and functional adaptation of porcine donor tissue at the level of the whole animal. This work relies on intensive interaction with the 'Immunity and Tolerance'... [mehr...]

C: Preclinical and clinical xenotransplantation

Project group C focuses on preclinical animal models and translational strategies for xenotransplantation of pancreatic islets, hearts and kidneys. Projects in this area are closely related... [mehr...]

Z: Central Projects

Project Z1 deals with clinically important ethical issues. G. Marckmann examines the attitude of the public within Germany and more broadly towards xenotransplantation, the risk and benefit relationships for future organ... [mehr...]