Third IMMUTRAIN workshop in Munich, April 2018

Scientific writing, bioinformatics and career event

The first half of the week consisted of a scientific soft skills workshop. The Early Stage Researchers (ESR) of IMMUTRAIN received an extensive training in scientific writing. The second half covered the field of “data mining and analysis”: Graham Ball, Professor at Nottingham Trent University and Head of CompanDX Itd in the UK, introduced the field of bioinformatics. He taught the use of databases and analytics in biology and provided the young researchers with a comprehensive hands-on experience. The group obtained and formatted data from arrays; it learned regression methods for analysis of transcriptomic data and ontological methods to study biological systems.

Alongside the scientific writing and bioinformatics workshops, an event for careers in non-academic sector has been organized for the members of IMMUTRAIN. Dr. Stefan Strobl, Head of Small Molecules at BioNTech Small Molecules GmbH, Munich opened the event with a presentation on “exchanging lab coat for briefcase”. The young researchers had then the opportunity to network and learn from the experience of many professionals. We thank Dr. Stefan Strobl as well as Dr. Florian Loher from European Patent Office, Munich, PD Dr. Barbara Mayer, Founder and Head of Research and Development at Spherotec, Dr. Daniel Moik, Medical Science Liaison Manager at Takeda Pharmaceutical, Dr. Marco Reis, Project Leader and Laboratory Head at Roche Therapeutics GmbH, Dr. Christian Wisskirchen, Senior Medical Project Manager, HIV medical Affairs at Gilhead Sciences GmbH and Dr. Cornelia Wurzenberger, Senior scientist, Preclinical Development, at Morpho Sys AG for joining and contributing to the success of this career event.