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News from the labs

School class visits the lab of Patrizia Stoitzner in Innsbruck

School class from the KORG Kettenbrücke in Innsbruck visited the lab for Langerhans cell research at the Department of Dermatology in Innsbruck.

How to explain dendritic cell therapy to grammar school kids [mehr...]

The representatives of the ESR

2018.10.01_The new students' speakers of Immutrain just took their office

Marta Contreras and Simone Formisano are the new representatives of the PhD students of Immutrain. [mehr...]

Spider silk for vaccines

05.06.2018 - New publication of Prof. Bourquin: Engineered hybrid spider silk particles as delivery system for peptide vaccines.

New engineered spider silk-based vaccines ensure extreme stability. They are also easy to manufacture, and readily customizable. [mehr...]

Festival of science in Innsbruck

23.04.2018 - Assoc. Prof. Patrizia Stoitzner and Prof. Nikolaus Romani present their work to a general audience

How do recognise our immune cells tumors? At the occasion of the festival of science in Innsbruck, Austria, the scientists explain their research to interested people. [mehr...]

Mid-term review meeting

09.11.2017 - The mid-term review meeting of Immutrain took place on Thursday November 9th 2017 in Munich.

The members of Immutrain, the project officer of the Research Executive Agency, Mr. Ricci and the reviewer Mr. Backovic met together to assess the progress of the training network. [mehr...]

ERC Starting Grant goes to Dr. Sebastian Kobold, LMU

11.08.2017 - The European Research Council funds talented early career scientists. LMU won five grants, one of them has been granted to the project ARMOR-T

Dr. Sebastian Kobold is attending physician and head of a research group in the division of clinical pharmacology at the university hospital of the LMU Munich. His main research focus relates to cancer immunology and more specifically to adoptive cellular therapy. [mehr...]

The Soengas Group has just reported a paper in Nature

30.06.2017 - Dr. Soengas’ lab deciphers new routes of metastases in melanoma through the lymph vessels with the help of a new set of animal models termed “MetAlert” mice

One of the interests of the Melanoma Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) is to define the contribution of the lymphatic vasculature to melanoma progression. In particular, whether (and how) the formation of new lymphatic vessels (called lymphangiogeneis) contributes to the ability of melanoma cells to disseminate to multiple organs. [mehr...]

Coming up in "Methods in Molecular Biology"

23.05.2017 - Generation of in vitro model of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition

The epithelial to mesenchymal transition, also called EMT, is a physiological process that occurs during embryonal development and homeostasis in adult life. Besides, EMT plays a role in cancer progression since it is a key process in invasion and metastasis, and therefore it constitutes a topic of great interest in cancer research. [mehr...]

Postbiotica won the BioUpper competition for innovative Italian startups

08.05.2017 - The company developed natural medical solutions to prevent and manage inflammatory diseases

Postbiotica was awarded with the first prize of 50,000 euros at the national BioUpper competition for the most innovative Italian startup. Postbiotica is a microbiota company, founded by Prof. Maria Rescigno as a spinoff of the University of Milan. [mehr...]

A drug against melanoma is currently in clinical trials

01.05.2017 - How the basic research conducted by the group of Dr. Marisol Soengas at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO, Madrid) leads to first tests for therapy

Melanomas are inherently aggressive cancers for which basic and translational research have significantly improved patient prognosis. Nevertheless, clinical responses are still incomplete. [mehr...]

Human dendritic cells as targets for immunization

19.04.2017 - Project grant from the Austrian Science Fund goes to Prof. Romani and co-applicant Assoc. Prof. Stoitzner from the Medical University of Innsbruck.

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) granted Prof. Nikolaus Romani and co-applicant Assoc. Prof. Patrizia Stoitzner with 400.000 euros for their four-years-project on dendritic cells in the skin. [mehr...]

The wonder skin – All about skin

30.03.2017 - Kids and Youth Academy at the Medical University of Innsbruck

The Kids and Youth Academy at the Medical University visited the Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Allergology in Innsbruck. The kids from age 6-10 got a tour through the clinics and heard from Dr. Andreas Haim about the various kinds of skin diseases. [mehr...]

Inaugural lecture of Prof. Carole Bourquin

30.03.2017 - Immunotherapy : a new strategy against cancer

Carole Bourquin was appointed as Full Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine (Department of anesthesiology, pharmacology and intensive care) as well as at the Faculty of Sciences (Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmacy) of the University of Geneva. [mehr...]

Inge Marie Svane receives the Danish Cancer Society's Honorary Award

Prof. Inge Marie Svane, who is with Prof. Per thor Straten one of the Directors of the Center for Cancer Immune Therapy in Copenhagen, received the yearly Honorary Award from the Danish Cancer Society. [mehr...]

Karl-Peter Hopfner is one of the 2017 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz prize winners

01.12.2016- Pioneering contributions in the research of repair mechanisms of cells

Prof. Dr. Karl-Peter Hopfner, one of the project leaders in IMMUTRAIN work package “New formulations and combinations of antibodies to activate immune cells”, received the 2017 Leibniz prize for his outstanding work in the field of structural biology. [mehr...]

Young Investigator Award goes to PD Dr. Sebastian Kobold

06.06.2016 - Funding for research on new therapies against malignant melanoma

PD Dr. Sebastian Kobold received the Young Investigator Award of the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA). [mehr...]

Science Award for Women in Scientific Research

25.05.2016 - M.S. Soengas received a grant from L’Oréal Paris USA and the Melanoma Research Alliance to study metastatic melanoma

Dr. Soengas has been recipient of many fellowships over the years. In 2016, she has also coordinated and participated in numerous national and international consortia, exemplified by the Innomelanoma in Spain, as well as the Immutrain Innovative Training Network funded by the European Union. [mehr...]