Description of training

The training of IMMUTRAIN provides theoretical and practical knowledge as well as transferable skills (personal communication and people interactions, presentation skills, scientific writing, proposal and grant writing, entrepreneurship and familiarity with regulatory requirements) in order to prepare Early Stage Researchers to their future career. Each young scientist conducts a research project within a host institution under the supervision of a project leader and benefits from the local training opportunities. Twice a year, European training events cross-fertilise the know-how gained within the network.

The network of IMMUTRAIN involves experienced researchers from different scientific fields and cultures, with different professional experiences, working in academia and in industry and for many of them, having created their own entreprise. In order to benefit from this unique knowledge, the Early Stage Researchers developp dedicated partnerships with at least three project leaders: a supervisor, a co-supervisor and a mentor.

Local training

Training through research is individualised for each young researcher. It is completed with local training courses depending from the individual needs and the offer of each host.

In Munich, for example, the European programme IMMUTRAIN cooperates with the international training programme i-Target: the Early Stage Researchers participate in the weekly research courses of i-Target and benefit from the Bavarian network of knowledge dedicated to immunotherapy of cancer. They also can take part in the training courses of the Graduate Center dedicated to young scientists of the LMU.

European training on network level: annual conferences and workshops

The annual conferences provide the Early Stage Researchers with a platform of highly accomplished scientists from all over the world in order to present their results and exchange on cutting edge research topics.

Twice a year, all trainees participate in a workshop hosted in turn by one of the partners. Each workshop places an emphasis on the field of research of the respective hosting partner. 

Time schedule of the European events


First annual conference in Munich, Germany.


February, first workshop in Milan, Italy.

October, second workshop and second annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.


February-March, third workshop in Munich, Germany.

September, fourth workshop and third annual conference in Paris, France.


February-March, fifth workshop in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

September, sixth workshop and final annual conference in Madrid, Spain.