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Refer a patient for inclusion into the register/biobank

Referred patients shall receive an expert peer review by clinicians, pathologists, radiologists and geneticists.

Please supply the documents listed below and send the referring materials to the following address:

Shipping Address 

For potential inclusion of the case in the register, please obtain your patient's informed consent. The consent forms for parents/caregivers, underage as well as adult patients can be downloaded via the Consent Forms Register page.

For genetic diagnostics please use the following PDF Icon form*. You may benefit from our program in genetic testing; for more information ask here.

* Alle Einsender aus Deutschland: unbedingt für ambulante Patienten Ü-10 Schein miteinsenden! Und bitte IMMER alles an die Lieferadresse schicken (nicht an das genetische Labor selbst!)

2) Epicrisis / brief letter (template)

Best in English so international experts can also contribute.

3) ChILD-EU visit sheets

Use the visit sheets for the first and also for consecutive visits. This way you automatically capture all necessary information.

4) Biomaterials

Please send biomaterials always labelled clearly for exact identification of content and safely packed in a closed plastic bag!

The following materials may be shipped at ambient temperature using regular mail:

  • EDTA blood (always triplett: patient (5 -10 ml) + parents (10 ml))
  • Pax/tempus tubes for RNA analysis
  • Lung tissue, wax block or/and slides of lung tissue if available
  • Lung tissue in formalin or/and glutaraldehyde
  • Skin biopsy in culture medium
  • Lung tissue in culture medium

The following materials need to be shipped frozen on dry ice:

  • BAL, frozen tissue samples

Asservation of material from a deceased patient/autopsy/partial lung only autopsy (SOP).

Note: No delivery of samples possible on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

5) Imaging (X-Ray-Thorax Series, CT)

The imaging data can be sent as CD by regular mail.

You may upload the DICOM files directly into the register if you already have a Data Capture Login.

However, as this may be cumbersome for the inexperienced, we recommend to send a pseudonymized CD, which we will upload for you.


Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital
Kubus, Room K0.10,
z.Hd. Mrs. Schams
Lindwurmstr 2a
80337 München

For more information, contact:

Mrs. Schams / Tel: +49 89 4400 53715; chILD-EU.register@med.uni-muenchen.de

Samples frozen on dry ice are accepted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Plan shipping so that delivery to the lab is scheduled until 12h on these days.
Please notify lab beforehand. All other samples may arrive anytime.