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Klinische Massenspektrometrie / Clinical Mass Spectrometry


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Prof. Dr. med. Michael Vogeser

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Dr. med. univ. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Paal, PhD

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Carina Schuster (Pharmazeutin)

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Sophie Mörlein (Dipl. Lebensmittelchemikerin)

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Li Jian-Lüssi (Ärztin)

Anne Schliemann (cand. med.)

  • Scientific Analytics and Translational Diagnostics: Development of mass spectrometry based methods for use in clinical diagnostic testing - Mass Spectrometry for Better Healthcare -
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring of antibiotics in intensive care medicine
  • Endocrinological profilling methods
  • Automation and integration in clinical application of mass spectrometry, Private-Public-Partnership projects
  • Exploring the perspectives of industrialized mass spectrometry applications in IVD
  • Quality and risk management in clinical applications of mass spectrometry
  • Prof. Vogeser is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Elsevier journal Clinical Mass Spectrometry


Selected publications

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