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Seminars and Workshops

Promotion of female scientists: Besides the TRR 127 courses for young scientists, in which females more often took part than males, further short-term training measures specifically for female members of the Consortium were carried out in association with TRR 127 Retreats during the second funding period as well as single workshops. Different to the first funding period, these workshops were built as individual modules (one lead coach extended with theme specific consultant), which allow for an entry of female scientist at any time. In addition to seminars and interactive group work, individual coaching of the participants was offered during the workshops.

We aim to make this TRR 127 as attractive as possible for female researchers at all stages of their careers – by doing everything we can to encourage female students and doctoral researchers to pursue a scientific career, taking steps to recruit more female early career researchers to lead as members of independent research groups and by equipping women with the skills needed to take on the responsibilities of project leaders (e.g. as principal investigators in the TRR 127). Furthermore, to improve the gender programme developed specific questionnaires, which will be sent to all female participants of the TRR 127. Based on these results we will adjust the modules of the gender workshops.