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Young Investigator Programme

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The TRR 127 has initiated, for the first time ever, a pilot programme of education and training for especially talented young researchers, the Young Investigator Programme (YIP), during the first funding period and further refined within the second period to assume positions as Principal Investigators in an anticipated third funding period or individual research grants (e.g. DFG).

Candidates who had obtained their doctorates no more than four years previously (licensed physicians max. six years, with an extension of two years per child under the age of 12) were considered, and an initial intake of eight young researchers from all participating universities were selected as Young Investigators (YIs) for this Young Investigator Programme.

All eight YIs designed a defined study within their TRR 127 associated main project (see below) and were assigned a budget for that specific study. Intensive mentoring and supervision was provided by the PI of the relevant project and by PIs of collaborating projects.

An important feature of YIP is that YIs of the different sites and institutions are brought together interactively - a situation, which prepares them for the challenge of the networking involved in their prospective future roles as PIs. Therefore, in addition to the general early career courses and workshops, special satellite meetings of the YIs were organised, which focused on e.g. teaching of leadership skills, preparing grant applications, writing and publishing scientific papers, or collaboration with industry. Together, these measures are intended to qualify YIs for next step in their professional careers.