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The Klinikum der Universität München (KUM) is a hospital of maximum care. Usually, patients are transferred to our hospital after being seen by a general practitioner, by a medical specialist’s practice or by a smaller clinic.

If your medical concern is feasible for a treatment at our institution, we are pleased to asses your case. 

Your request can be handled quickly if the presented medical information is precise and up to date. All documents should be translated into German or English!

Mandatory Information

  • Description of the physical condition and the reason for the request
  • Up-to-date medical report

Optional Information

  • New laboratory reports
  • Radiology reports (CT, MRT, PET etc.)
  • Operation reports (if surgery has been performed)
  • Histology reports (if biopsies have been performed)

Sending a request

Please do not send us any medical documents by e-mail or fax. 
Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), medical or patient-related documents may only be sent via the so-called Databox. 
For this purpose we gladly provide you with a corresponding mailbox on our servers. 
This allows you to provide your scannd documents in a secure and data-protection-compliant manner.

Please come to us for this.

If you want to send us pictures, you can send us a CD-ROM (with report) or a USB stick with all medical reports by post.

Contact person

Apart from contacting our International Patient Office, you may also contact the specialized medical department directly. This is recommended for outpatient appointments. More complex and interdisciplinary medical problems should better be addressed to the International Patient Office to enable a swift answer. THerefor please contact us under this link.

Duration of request processing

We assess whether the presented documents are sufficient for forwarding them to the required medical department. When all necessary data are present, the duration of processing depends on the complexity of the request. You may expect a full answer within approx. five working days.


Patients for whom treatment at the Klinikum der Universität München is feasible will receive three types of documents:

  1. The treatment plan, a sketch of the planned treatment
  2. The cost plan, an estimate of the associated costs
  3. The schedule, an appointment and bed planning

Cost plan

Our aim is to provide the utmost transparency in treatment costs. All our services are subject to the common German public tariff systems and legal standards.

The exact fee for accommodation and treatment at our hospital can only be determined after completion of the hospital stay. The costs depend on your individual utilization of our medical resources and on the length of your stay at the hospital. In a simplified model this means that patients with a more complex treatment have higher remuneration fees.

Therefore, the preliminary calculation prior to treatment is only an estimate. Unexpected medical events might influence the remuneration fee. Our financial experts at the International Patient Office will calculate a realistic cost estimate. Nevertheless, treatment costs can change significantly, in particular, if an unscheduled treatment was added (e.g. a complex surgery or a treatment at an intensive care unit).