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eine grafik Patients from EU countries (public insurance)

The European Commission informs in detail about your health insurance coverage on their internet sites.

Please note that you have to distinguish between an unscheduled medical need (medical emergency) and a planned medical treatment (continuation of the treatment of a known illness).

The unscheduled treatment (medical emergencies)

The scheduled treatment (planed treatment)

Patients from EU countries (private insurance)

Citizens from all EU countries can be treated at our clinics any time as self-paying private patients.

Please note that we generally do not accept guaranties of payment from private health insurances from foreign countries and that a prepayment in accordance with our cost plan will be required. For details please contact us.

Thus, we kindly recommend to clarify cost coverage with your local private health insurance prior to hospital admission in our institution.

Patients from countries outside the European Union

Patients from non-EU-countries are always welcome.

Patients from Arabic countries and from Russian countries are treated in large numbers at the Klinikum der Universität München.

The International Patient Office provides Arabic and Russian patient managers who take care of all your concerns.

Visa and letter of invitation

International aid organizations and charities


The Klinikum der Universität München is a center of maximum care and provides many specialized medical services which are not offered in all countries. Therefore, we are able to provide new treatment strategies to numerous patients from all over the world.

Although being a non-profit organization we are urged to operate cost-covering. Thus, cost free services cannot be offered. However, we will support international aid organizations and charities to enable treatment at the Klinikum der Universität München. Please always contact the International Patient Office first to organize treatment of patients in need.



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