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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NIPSThis unit is located in the building of the Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital. It has 13 beds, 7 of which are equipped for mechanical ventilation. Our experienced nurses offer a high standard in neonatal intensive medicine, without sacrificing individual care. Parental love and closeness also benefits these helpless children. Loving care and modern medicine complement each other here in this ward.

Our focus lies on premature babies who had to undergo surgery in cases of lung or airway diseases, as well as severely ill newborns in need of interdisciplinary care.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the Perinatal Center

The center for neonatology in the Maistraße is located in the women's hospital in the inner city, in direct proximity to the pediatric clinic. Pediatricians take care of all newborn babies, perform the examinations U1 and U2 and counsel the parents.

To ensure maximum safety, pediatricians are often present at birth; e.g. when a cesarean section is necessary.

The intensive care unit is situated next to the maternity ward and the newborn ward. Therefore, patients can be treated in close proximity to their mothers. The ward provides optimal care for very small as well as ill newborns.

It is important that these patients receive immediate care near the delivery room. Special equipment such as incubators, artificial respirators etc. are necessary. Specialists from the nearby pediatric hospital such as cardiologists, neurologists, or pediatric surgeons, can be called upon on short notice.

Prenatal Diagnostics

From time to time it is possible to diagnose diseases in a child even before birth. In these cases, pediatricians together with gynecologists provide counseling for the parents. Pregnant women who are at risk for premature birth are counseled by pediatricians.


To ease the transition from the hospital to a home environment, we provide parents of premature and ill babies with a center for ongoing care called HaNa. Our multidisciplinary team accompanies and counsels families after discharge to home.