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Education at the the LMU hospital is organized as part of the Medical Curriculum Munich, MeCuM. During their clinical studies, every student takes part in 6 modules.

Pediatric education is taught in module 5 of the MeCuM. Students, therefore, learn about pediatric care at the end of their studies. Apart from this, they are also educated in five other areas: Primary care, gynecology and obstetrics, as primary classes, and physical medicine and geriatrics as secondary classes. In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in a one-week elective course on a subject of their choosing. Furthermore, we offer courses in pharmacology and a clinical pathological conference.

Image: rotation plan module 5

Classes at the pediatric hospital are split into a three-week theoretical class, consisting of lectures, seminars, exercises and tutorials, as well as a one-week practical course where students learn the skills on a bedside basis. Students gain the necessary knowledge for the practical course in lectures and learn about emergency situations from real cases. In seminars, the students are taught theoretical subjects and train practical skills. In the new center for education and studies (ZeUS), students learn the skills necessary for their training and future job.