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Perimed Award für Remco Megens

The Perimed / MiVab Thesis award was granted to Remco T.A. Megens in recognition of his PhD Thesis: "Vital Imaging of Large Arteries using Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy: Focus on the Arterial Wall". The Perimed / MiVaB Thesis award is a biennial award of the Netherlands Society of Microcirculation and Vascular Biology (MiVaB) for best PhD thesis in the field of microcirculation and vascular biology in the Netherlands in 2008-2009: The award was sponsored by Perimed AB, Sweden.

Previously the JVR/ESM Prize 2008 was granted to Dr. Megens, Maastricht, in recognition for his paper: Megens RT, Reitsma S, Schiffers PH, Hilgers RH, De Mey JG, Slaaf DW, oude Egbrink MG, van Zandvoort MA: Two-photon microscopy of vital murine elastic and muscular arteries. Combined structural and functional imaging with subcellular resolution. J Vasc Res 2007;44:87?98. This paper was selected by an international jury out of the articles published in JVR in the past two years. The jury found the work published in the article of Dr. Megens and his colleagues quite remarkable, as it opens a new methodological approach to studying cell function in intact small vessels. The JVR/ESM Prize was sponsored by the ESM and Karger Publishers, Switzerland.