Sarajo Mohanta awarded Becht Research Prize 2022

30.09.2022 - IPEK scientist Sarajo Mohanta was awarded the August Wilhelm and Lieselotte Becht Research Prize from the German Heart Research Foundation (Deutsche Herzstiftung) at the annual conference ('Heart Days') of the German Cradiac Society (DGK) in October 2022. [mehr...]


New DZHK W2 Professor for Translational Vascular Therapy: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Santovito

02.09.2022 - We are delighted that Donato Santovito was appointed new DZHK W2 Professor for Translational Vascular Therapy. [mehr...]


Christian Weber receives ESC William Harvey Lecture Award

27.08.2022 - We are delighted that IPEK Director Christian Weber has received the ESC William Harvey Lecture Award for Basic Sciences for his contributions to atherosclerosis research. [mehr...]


How antibodies get it wrong

08.07.2022 - IPEK scientists alert to the wrong use of antibodies in scientific publications. In their recent work, they refute a specific study on localization of immune receptor ACKR1. [mehr...]


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Prof. Dr. med. Christian Weber