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We warmly congratulate Dr. rer. nat. Ting Sun on successfully defending her PhD Thesis

We extend our congratulations to Ting Sun from the Habenicht Lab on successfully defending her PhD thesis on Neuroimmune Cardiovascular Interface in Atherosclerosis

Ting's PhD thesis focused on the neuroimmune cardiovascular interface  in atherosclerosis, examining the involvement of atherosclerotic plaques, the adventitia, the immune system, and the sensory peripheral nervous system in disease progression.

Her work sheds light on the complex interactions within the neuroimmune cardiovascular interface, specifically the role of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) in the regulation of atherosclerosis. These findings contribute to our understanding of the interplay between the nervous and immune systems in cardiovascular health, potentially leading to improved therapeutic approaches.



 Congratulations, Ting Sun, on this significant accomplishment. We wish you continued success as you pursue further research. Your work has the potential to make a meaningful impact, and we look forward to seeing the advancements you will bring in the future. Well done, Ting!



Ting Sun

Habenicht Lab