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We warmly congratulate Janina Maria Jamasbi for PhD Prize !

Alumni IPEK student Janina Maria Jamasbi, was awarded a PhD award from the Munich University Society for her outstanding PhD thesis on (the): "Comparison of known and development of new therapeutic approaches to inhibit the interaction of thrombocytic glycoprotein VI with atherosclerotic plaque".

During her PhD in the group of Prof Wolfgang Siess, Janina Jamasbi explored alternative avenues to inhibit the formation of arterial thrombosis. Conventional antithrombotic drugs inhibit physiological platelet activation and thus blood clotting. Janina Jamasbi investigated novel drugs and elaborated two new strategies to inhibit platelet aggregation effectively with fewer side effects than the current standard therapies. She further improved the efficacy of one of these new drugs and was able to elucidate its underlying mechanism.


The Society of Friends and Sponsors of the LMU particularly supports the LMU’s research and teaching activities. The Society awards 20,000 Euros Prizes to outstanding doctoral and habilitation achievements to promote promising young academics to pursue their scientific career and help such scientific achievement reaching a wider audience.



Janina Jamasbi’s work was acknowledged as such as an important contribution to the potential improvement in current antiplatelet therapies for cardiovascular disease. She now works as a quality control consultant at a pharmaceutical company in Tutzing.



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