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CRC1123 - Open Call for Doctoral Researcher Positions


The mission of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC1123) is to improve the in-depth understanding of molecular networks in atherogenesis, atheroprogression and atherothrombosis as the pathological sequence underlying coronary artery disease, in order to identify and verify novel targets for treating atherosclerosis.






With its Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG1123), the CRC provides a structured curriculum and mentoring program specifically tailored to the needs of doctoral researchers who aim to become highly qualified scientists and obtain their Ph.D. in Medical Research or their doctoral degree in Natural Sciences, Human Biology or Human Medicine. Operating within the framework of the Munich Medical Research School  at the LMU’s Medical Faculty and in cooperation with the TUM Medical Graduate Centre (MGC), the IRTG1123 three-year structured PhD graduate programm brings together researchers of different disciplines, institutions and universities in Munich.




To read more about the CRC 1123 or to apply, please follow this link