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Congratulation to Bingni Chen for winning DGK Conference Abstract Prize

We warmly congratulate IRTG 1123 PhD student Bingni Chen from the Steffens lab for winning the Abstract Prize at the DGK Conference last week.

Bingni Chen is a 3rd year PhD student of the IRTG 1123 Graduate School and funded via the LMU-CSC program. The Prize was awarded for her abstract entitled 'Endothelial cannabinoid receptor CB1 deficiency decreases oxLDL uptake and attenuates vascular inflammation in atherosclerosis'. 

To promote clinical lipid research, the DGK annually awards ten DGK Abstract Prizes for Clinical Lipid Research for the next five years, sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo Deutschland GmbH. The prizes are endowed with € 1,000 each.

The prizes have been awarded to the respective first author of a total of ten abstract submissions at the annual meeting of the DGK. They were selected from the accepted congress contributions on the topic of "Lipid Metabolism - Diagnosis and Therapy" for the annual meeting of the DGK  and presented together in a poster session within the scientific programme of the annual meeting. 





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