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Watch Alexander Bartelt on NACHTCAFé and P.M. Wissen

We were excited to watch IPEK researcher Alexander Bartelt on two TV appearances last week!

He was both invited on Michael Steinbrecher's classical talkshow 'NACHTCAFé' and shot an episode of 'P.M. Wissen' with Reinhard Nowak as an expert on adipose tissue metabolism.

You can watch Alexander Bartelt's conversation with Cabaret artist and P.M. Wissen reporter Reinhard Nowak about the ingenious functions of body fat, the miraculous processes within our metabolism, and why we shouldn't be so hard on our fat reserves. 

You can also see him taking part to Michael Steinbrecher's talkshow along the other guests Reiner Calmund, Sophia Thiel, Melodie Michelberger and Michaela Wanner.  "As a rule, being a little overweight is not harmful". Every person carries around several kilograms of body fat - and that is completely normal. But he also acknowledges that severe obesity is a serious disease: "From a medical point of view, Germans are too fat."

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