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Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine

The laboratory of Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine (ExperiMed) was founded in January 2005, when Matthias Schieker became Head of Research at the Surgical Department (Downtown) of the University of Munich (LMU). The former surgical research lab that has been build up since 1999 and the research group for tissue engineering of bone (AGTEK, founded by Matthias Schieker in 2000) were restructured and evolved into ExperiMed.

Since 2005 ExperiMed continuously expanded and currently 8 research groups work jointly on various topics of musculoskeletal regeneration, lentiviral gene transfer and stem cell therapies.

Since 2011, Experimed became a founding member of CANTER (Centre for Applied Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine), which is an educational and research network between LMU, TU and FH aiming to bring together engineers, clinicians and basic scientists.

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