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IPEK and CRC1123 at Young DGK Science Meeting

The recent DGK (German Cardiac Society) meeting to which IPEK & CRC1123 members significantly contributed, successfully wrapped up despite unexpected winter weather in Southern Germany.

Two remarkable days drew to a close at the Leopoldina in Halle, with scientific insights from young cardiologists and scientists as well as impactful speakers, networking opportunities, and the unexpected charm of abundant snowfall.

Concerted efforts of the organizers, including IPEK scientist Laura Parma, and DGK's cluster basic science,  as well as the support from the DZHK made the gathering a success and ensured a rich and engaging experience for all attendees. 

The meeting witnessed active involvement from other IPEK members, including institute director Christian Weber who gave the keynote lecture on novel mechanisms and therapeutic targets in atherosclerosis. IPEK Professor, Sabine Steffens, gave a talk on on crucial aspects of immune involvement in cardiac conditions – pondering its role as either a friend or a foe,  and CRC123 collaborator Lars Maegdefessel also contributed an insightful talk.

The meeting's success, attributed to attendees' commitment, facilitated fruitful interactions and scientific discussions. Positive feedback from young scientists regarding the event's format and content has spurred organizers to consider hosting similar gatherings in the future.


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Leopoldina under the snow (Photo from Hanna Billig), group photo, talks from Christian Weber and Sabine Steffens (Photos from Young DGK)