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3rd ENTeR chILD Conference Timisoara

Agenda can be downloaded here

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA [COST] CA 16125 ENTeR-chILD Invitation to participate to the 3rd Conference "European Network for Translational Research in Children's and Adult Interstitial Lung Disease"

Dear Colleague and friend

We have the pleasure to invite you to the third conference of the COST Action ENTeR-chILD (COST Action CA 16125). The meeting will be held in Timisoara, Romani; 11th- 13th of September 2019 in the TIMISOARA CONVENTION CENTER ( http://www.cciat.ro/) .  

 There are a lot of details in this email so please read to the end, and take action.

This Third meeting of the COST Action will provide the opportunity to review different disease and presentations of chILD and discuss difficult cases and current state of the art in the field of interstitial lung diseases, share ideas and make contacts for future plans and research projects in the chILD field.


The meeting will contain numerous presentations on chILD and adult ILD. The different workgroups will have the opportunity to work close with their colleagues to start working on the requested outcomes of the project.  plans. In addition to plenary talks, a substantial amount of time has been reserved for oral presentations by young and senior members of the COST Action; these talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts. An interactive poster session will be organised. The Conference programme will be finalised upon selection of the oral presentations. 


Your presence during the whole conference will be appreciated as we want to stimulate rich discussion during the sessions and also provide opportunity for informal interaction between experts and young scientists.

Please, confirm your acceptance of this invitation as soon as possible to both paula.coman@eventsdesign.ro and  child.italia@gmail.com . Once we get your confirmation, we shall register you for the meeting. If you need a travel grant please let us know asap.


Please accept the invitation to the meeting through the COST portal when this will be send. After two weeks the invitation will be deleted and an opportunity to another colleague will be give to particpate


Travel grants: Travel grants will be provided to participants from all COST participating countries based on the availability of funding. First comes, fist being served. We do however need to have a gender and country balance within the conference so it organising comity can decide not to grant to many participants from the same country is funding is coming short. Participants with abstracts accepted for poster and or oral presentations will be preferred. 


What will be reimbursed!

Please note that only what is listed as eligible in the Vademecum can be reimbursed, the rest is not.




Regarding the travel reimbursement please make sure that the following supporting documents are uploaded in e-COST (meetings and Trainers).

In case of the participant is not able to provide the supporting documents required, the expenses related to will not be considered as eligible and will be removed.


Long distance travel:                         Travel Supporting document required

International/Domestic flight

Up to max 1200 € (total amount of flight expenses)

Invoice and E-tickets: name of the participant, full itinerary including flight date and time, booking class and airfare


Train Cross-Border

Bus Cross-Border

Ferry Cross-Border

Train receipt including date, time, route and rate

Public/local transport:                       Travel Supporting document required

Public Transport < 25 € for the entire duration of the meeting

Total amount of Public transport > 25 € for the entire duration of the meeting


Train within 1 country

Bus within 1 country

Metro within 1 country

Shuttle within 1 country

NO public transport receipts are required

All public transport receipts are required


Car Travel:                                       Travel Supporting document required


Up to max 2000 km for the entire trip

Google map showing the number of km and the route from/to

0,20€/km and 0,30€/km with another COST passenger (the driver is NOT a passenger). The name of the other passenger(s) must be indicated in the claim


Taxi: ONLY                                     Travel Supporting document required


Taxi between 22h00 till 07h00

Up to max 80 € for the entire trip

Receipt is required including, date, time, route and the amount paid.


NO public transportation available



HOTEL                                     Travel Supporting document required


FLAT RATE is 80 euro’s


Up to max 80 € per night max 3 days

Receipt is required for Padova university.


Abstracts: You are invited to submit the abstract(s) of your talk(s).Abstracts are limited to 2000 characters or +/-350 words (excluding affiliations), and should fit on one page. Abstracts will be published on the website of the conference. Please, note that by submitting the abstract you agree with its publication. Abstract submission will be open until 20th Agost only by abstract form ( link available soon)


Working group meetings: Each Working Group will have the possibility to meet during the conference and start working on the different projects. Please let us know how many persons will participate and if you need any technical support. Please keep us informed (child.italia@gmail.com)


Booking of hotel rooms and travel: All delegates including invited speakers are responsible for booking their own accommodation and arranging transport. You can book accommodation in the hotel (https://hotelboavista.ro/en/) offered by the organisation secretary (limited rooms available; approx. EUR 60) by sending an email to olesia.matros@eventsdesign.ro  or book a hotel by choice ( Flat rate 80 euro’s)


Reimbursement: According to COST rules the Management Committee members , the invited speakers and chairs and invited participants  are entitled to the reimbursement of travel and accommodation. You will obtain a link to the e-COST reimbursement system at the time of the registration. Please check eligible costs in the COST vademecum page 23-27 (http://www.cost.eu/participate).


For questions about the programme, logistics or reimbursements please contact paula.coman@eventsdesign.ro


We look forward to seeing you in TIMISOARA


Best wishes

Deborah SNIJDERS (Chair ENTeR-chILD), Oana Cristina ARGHIR, and Ovidiu FIRA MLADINESCU