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General information


We are multidisciplinary clinicians, scientists and patients and their families that have united in this network. The network promotes research from basic science to clinical care, with the ultimate goal to improve and standardize diagnosis and follow-up, and to develop treatments that lead to improvements in the long term outcome of patients with ILD. ENTer-chILD is strengthening the infrastructure for research on ILD, building on and unifying the expert networks of research in ILD and providing targeted training for Early Stage Researchers through Training Schools and on Short Term Scientific Missions, in the clinical and basic science aspects of ILD.


Scientific programme

The scientific programme is delivered by six highly integrated Working Groups (WG), supported by a programme of conferences, workshops, Training Schools and short term scientific meetings (STSM). Collaborations between WGs provide a truly innovative environment for this scientific programme. ENTeR-chILD remains flexible to enable the implementation of new ideas and perspectives not foreseen during the planning stage, and to enable inclusion of scientists who did not participate in the early stages.


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