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For information about this Cost Action and how to join, please contact:

Project coordinator: Deborah Snijders (olanda76@gmail.com)

Managing Committee

Chair of ENTeR-chILD: Deborah Snijders, University of Padova, Italy
Vice chair of ENTeR-chILD: Nicolaus Schwerk, Hannover Medical School, Germany
Science officer of the Action: Ioanna Stavridou,COST Association Bruselles, Belgium
Administrative officer of the Action: Tania Gonzalez Ovin, COST Association Bruselles, Belgium

Working Group Leaders

WG 1

Lead: Nadia Nathan (FR)
Vice:  Daniel O’Toole (IE)

WG 2

Lead: Frederik Buchwald (DK)
Vice:  t.b.d.

WG 3

Lead: Matthias Griese (DE)
Vice:  Antonio Moreno Galdo (ES)

WG 4

Lead:  Nural Kiper (TR)
Vice:   Raffaela Nenna (IT)

WG 5

Lead:  Andy Bush (UK)
Vice:   Martina Vasakova (CZ)

WG 6

Lead: Steve Cunningham (UK)
Vice:  Eitam Kerem (IL)

Training School and STSM: Lead: Ralph Epaud (FR)
Vice: Marijke Proesmans (BE)
ESRs: Stergios Cristodoulidis (CH) and Pilar Caro (ES)
Website Lead and dissemination: Suzanne Terheggen-Lagro (NL)
Vice: Carlee Gilbert (UK)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ENTeRchILD/