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Working Group (WG) Members

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Working Group 1: Building the Sharing Framework of Open-ILD
            Nadia Nathan (FR)                                Killian Hurley (IE)                    Name (Country)
                WG1 Leader                                      WG1 Co-Leader                       WG1 Member
Working with MC members, participants and stakeholders this working group will build the legal and ethical framework to share cells acrsoss the European Research Area. It will specifically adress the challenges in obtaining consent from patients and their families to obtain samples, generate iPSC and share these with researchers in the field. It will also address challenges in sharing patient data accross multiple juristictions.
Working Group 2: Training in New Technologies
            Killian Hurley (IE)                               Name (Country)                    Name (Country)
               WG2 Leader                                      WG2 Member                       WG2 Member
This working group will focus on generating protocols and standard operating procedures for reprogramming patient blood samples (PBMC) to iPSC, working with iPSC-derived lung organoids and macrophage. Expert members will also train researchers in the skills required to work with these cells to generate a robust preclinical model of ILD.
Working Group 3: Business plan, exploitation and dissemination
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            Daniel O'Toole (IE)                                Name (Country)                    Name (Country)
                WG3 Leader                                       WG3 Member                        WG3 Member
This working group will develop a robust business plan to identify a strategy to maximise the utilisation of this resource in a financially viable and operationally sustainable way. It will also develop a dissemination strategy for the CIG.