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Training Schools (TS)

Dublin (Ireland)  |  May 25-27, 2022
The aims of Training Schools is to widen, broaden and share knowledge relevant to Open-ILD objectives through the delivery of intensive practical / hands on training in culturing iPSC, working with iPSC-derived lung organoids and marcorphage and generation of biomodels of ILD. The training school will also offer interactive lectures regarding emerging treatments for genetic ILD, ethical and legal challenges to sharing patient samples accross the Euoprean Research Area and training on new and emerging subjects in ILD.
The COST IG16125 is running a COST Action Training School May 25-27, 2022 in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Participation is free of charge and financial support for a limited number of trainees is available. The Training School will use a mixture of lectures, presentations and group work to bring trainees up to speed with the state of the art iPSC-derived models of ILD. All trainers are experts in the area and have immense experience, some of them in more practical and some of them in more theoretical areas of research.
The Training School starts on Wednesday 25th May which will be located in the RCSI Education and Research Centre, Smurfit Building co-located on Beumont Hospital campus with practical sessions throughout the day in the new state of the art research labs. The practical sessions will continue on Thursday 26th May (morning only).
The main lectures will start on Thursday the 26th May (afternoon) and continue until 3.45pm on Friday 27th May 2022. Some participants may chose to only attend the lecture series on Thursday afternoon and Friday and places are very limited for the practical sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.  
There will be a social event on the evening of Thursday 26th May and a Conference Dinner on the evening of Friday 27th May for all participants to attend.
To review the Preliminary Programme and Flyer, please click on the name.
Hotels in Dublin are in high demand, so we would recommend you make reservations at your earliest convenience. You can review some possible options in the following link here.
Please apply through the following link noting deadline for applications is extended to April 08, 2022.