DFG Graduiertenkolleg 1202


Veranstaltungsort für Forschungsseminar und Journal Club

Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik IV, Ziemssenstr. 1, Ärztekasino, 2. Stock, Zimmer 226


Forschungsseminar: 17.00 bis 17.45 Uhr

Journal Club: 17.45 bis 18.30 Uhr



Wintersemester 2015/2016

(12. Oktober 2015 bis 6. Februar 2016)

Nr. Datum Referent Thema
405 05. Oktober 2015
Themenkolloqium AG Ruland
Journal Club Stefanie Lesch (AG Kobold/Endres)
404 28. September 2015
Themenkolloqium AG Hopfner
Journal Club Nadine Moritz (AG Hopfner)
403 21. September 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Schnurr
Journal Club AG Kobold/Endres (Bruno Cadilha)
402 27. Juli 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Mackensen/Mougiakakos
Journal Club AG Bauer
401 20. Juli 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Klein
Journal Club AG Kobold/Endres
400 13. Juli 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Martina Birk (AG Roche)
Journal Club Ramona Murr (AG Roche)
399 06. Juli 2015
Ergebniskolloquium AG Besch/Berking
Journal Club AG Kobold/Endres
398 29. Juni 2015
Ergebniskolloquium AG Kobold/Endres
Journal Club AG Anz
397 22. Juni 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Philip Metzger (AG Schnurr)
Journal Club AG Besch/Berking
396 15. Juni 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Lara Hartjes (AG Ruland)
Journal Club AG Rothenfusser
395 08. Juni 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Clara Karches (AG Kobold/Endres)
Journal Club AG Rothenfusser
394 18. Mai 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Romy Loschinski (AG Mackensen/Mougiakakos)
Journal Club Lisa Weigand (AG Mackensen/Mougiakakos)
393 11. Mai 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Heike Anders (AG Lauber)
Journal Club AG Schulze-Koops
392 04. Mai 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Laura Frey (AG Klein)
Journal Club AG Kobold/Endres
391 27. April 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Heike Anders (AG Laube) HSP90 inhibition as a means or radiosensitizing resistant, aggressive soft tissue sarcoma
Journal Club Viktoria Bothe (AG Rothenfusser) ATP-Dependent Effector-like Functions of RIG-I-like Receptors
390 20. April 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Entfällt
Journal Club AG Besch/Berking
389 13. April 2015
  Ergebniskolloquium Stefanie Lesch (AG Kobold/Endres)
  Journal Club AG Schnurr
388 23. März 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Schnurr
Journal Club AG Kobold/Endres
387 16. März 2015
Ergebniskolloqium Lisa Weigand (AG Mackensen/Mougiakakos) Characterization and targeting of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Journal Club Romy Loschinsky (AG Mackensen/Mougiakakos) Promoting Thiol Expression Increases the Durability of Antitumor T-cell Functions
386 09. März 2015
3rd Research Seminar

Dr. Ekkehard Leberer


Nucleic acid therapeutics: Opportunities and challenges for drug development
385 02. März 2015
Themenkolloquium Kirsten Lauber (AG Lauber) Tumor growth promoting apoptosis: With a little help from my dying friends?
  Journal Club Eva Heuer (AG Rothenfusser) Human intracellular ISG15 prevents interferon-alpha/beta over-amplification and auto-inflammation
384 23. Februar 2015
Themenkolloquium Sebastian Kobold (AG Kobold/Endres) TLR7 agonists in cancer therapy
Journal Club Stefanie Lesch (AG Kobold/Endres) Combination therapy with anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD-1 leads to distinct immunologic changes in vivo
383 09. Februar 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Ruland
Journal Club AG Besch/Berking
382 02. Februar 2015
  Themenkolloquium Marion Subklewe (AG Subklewe) Therapeutic vaccines in cancer
Journal Club Severin Rodler (AG Anders) High-dimensional analysis of the murine myeloid cell system



Wintersemester 2014/2015

(6. Oktober 2014 bis 6. Februar 2015)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
381 26. Januar 2015
Themenkolloquium AG Kobold/Endres
Journal Club Christine Heuer (AG Rothenfusser)
380 19. Januar 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Nadine Moritz (AG Hopfner) Development of multi-specific antibody derivatives (msADs) to target acute myeloid leukemia
Journal Club Peter May (AG Kobold/Endres) B7-H1 expressing antigen presenting cells mediate polarization of pro-tumorigenic Th22 subsets
379 12. Januar 2015
Ergebniskolloquium Moritz Schmidbauer (AG Kobold/Endres)
Journal Club Saskia Graf (AG Besch/Berking)
378 15. Dezember 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Fabian Kraus (AG Kobold)
Journal Club AG Schulze-Koops
377 08. Dezember 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Viktoria Bothe (AG Rothenfusser) Characterization of RIG-I ligands during infection with Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Journal Club Nadine Moritz (AG Hopfner) A CD47-blocking TRAIL fusion protein with dual pro-phagocytic and pro-apoptotic anticancer activity
376 01. Dezember 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Laura Posselt (AG Schnurr)
Journal Club AG Anz
375 24. November 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Fanny Matheis (AG Besch)
Journal Club Marco Wachowius (AG Conzelmann) Antibody Quality and Protection from Lethal Ebola Virus Challenge in Nonhuman Primates Immunized with Rabies Virus Based Bivalent Vaccine
374 17. November 2014
Ergebniskolloquium -

Journal Club Severin Jacobi (AG Kobold) The RAG Recombinase Dictates Functional Heterogenity and Cellular Fitness in Natural Killer Cells





373 10. November 2014
Ergebniskolloquium AG Anz

Journal Club Simone Romoli (AG Anders) Caspase-8 and RIP kinases regulate bacteria-induced innate immune responses and cell death, PNAS 2014





372 03. November 2014
2nd Research Seminar Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael von Bergwelt Targeting antigen presentation cells to induce an immunosupportive tumor microenvironment
371 27. Oktober 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Eva Hornig (AG Besch)
Journal Club AG Rothenfusser
370 20. Oktober 2014    
1st Research Seminar PD Dr. Antje Menssen Targeting MYC-dependent metabolism and secreted factors for cancer therapy
369 13. Oktober 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Monika Herrmann (AG Hopfner)

Journal Club Daniel Böhmer (AG Schnurr)





368 6. Oktober 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Maximilian Gradel (AG Rothenfußer)

Journal Club Saskia Graf (AG Besch)





367 29. September 2014
Themenkolloquium Prof. Conzelmann

Journal Club Alex Hennrich (AG Conzelmann)





 366 25 bis 26. September 2014




Sommersemester 2014

(7. April 2014 bis 25. Juli 2014)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
365 29. Juli 2014    
  72nd Research Seminar

Prof. Rotyslav Bilyy

National Medical University in Lviv, Ukraine

Glycocalyx alteration at apoptosis and its role in intercellular and host-pathogen interactions


364 28. Juli 2014    
  71st Research Seminar

Prof. Bazhin

Klinikum der Universität München

Two immune faces of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: possible implication for immunotherapy.


363 21. Juli 2014
Themenkolloquium Prof. Schulze-Koops

Translating immunology into therapy in rheumatology

Journal Club Patrick Pann (AG Schulze-Koops)





362 14. Juli 2014
Themenkolloquium Prof. Anders

 Improving presentation skills

Journal Club Simone Romoli (AG Anders)





361 7. Juli 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Eva Hornig (AG Besch)

Journal Club AG Conzelmann





360 30. Juni 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Maximilian Frömber (AG Heesemann)

Journal Club Monika Herrmann (AG Hopfner)





359 23. Juni 2014    
70th Research Seminar

Prof. Wagner

University of Regensburg

Biomarker-guided development of therapeutic cancer vaccines


358 2. Juni 2014
Themenkolloquium entfällt

Journal Club

Viktoria Söntgerath (AG Schulze-Koops)





357 26. Mai 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Sabrina Kirchleitner (AG Schnurr)

Journal Club Eva Heuer (AG Rothenfußer)





356 19. Mai 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Viktoria Blumenberg (AG Kobold)

Journal Club Eva Hornig (AG Besch)





355 12. Mai 2014    
69th Research Seminar

Prof. Harpreet Singh

immatics biotechnologies GmbH

Biomarker-guided development of therapeutic cancer vaccines


354 5. Mai 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Andreas Linder(AG Rothenfußer)

Journal Club Severin Jacobi (AG Anz)





353 28. April 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Simone Romoli (AG Anders)

Journal Club AG Heesemann





352 7. April 2014
Themenkolloquium Dr. Fabian Hauck (AG Kobold)

Journal Club Melissa Grogorescu (AG Anders)





351 31. März 2014
Journal Club Alexandru Hennrich (AG Conzelmann)





350 24. März 2014
Themenkolloquium Dr Kobold

Journal Club Laura Posselt (AG Schnurr)





349 17. März 2014    
  68th Research Seminar

Soeren Paludan

Aarhus University,

Innate sensing of viral DNA


348 10. März 2014    
  67th Research Seminar

Prof. Charles Dinarello

University of Colorado School of Medicine Aurora, CO, USA

Role of caspase-1 in nuclear translocation of IL-37, release of the cytokine, and IL-37 inhibition of innate immune responses





347 24. Februar 2014
Themenkolloquium AG Kobold
Journal Club Natascha Küpper (AG Kobold)





346 17. Februar 2014
Themenkolloquium Theresa Käuferle (AG Roscher)
Journal Club Theresa Käuferle (AG Roscher)






Wintersemester 2013/2014

(14. Oktober 2013 bis 14. Februar 2014)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
345 10. Februar 2014
Themenkolloquium Prof.  Heesemann

Systemic Mouse Infections - Immunohistopatholgic Analysis of Spleens

Journal Club Maximilian Frömberg (AG Heesemann)





344 3. Februar 2014
Ergebniskolloquium AG Anz
Journal Club Marco Wachowius (AG Conzelmann)





343 27. Januar 2014
Ergebniskolloquium AG Rothenfußer
Journal Club

Rachel Mak`Anyengo (AG Schnurr)





342 24.Januar 2014    
  66th Research Seminar

Florian Klein

The Rockefeller University,  New York

Broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1 infection


341 20. Januar 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Alexander Hennrich (AG Conzelmann)
Journal Club Christopher Lampert (AG Kobold)





340 13. Januar 2014
Ergebniskolloquium Christoph Frömberg (AG Heesemann)
Journal Club Christoph Freier (AG Anz)




339 16. Dezember 2013
Themenkolloquium AG Anz
Journal Club

Marian Grosser (AG Anders)





338 9. Dezember 2013

Simone Romoli (AG Anders)

Journal Club Sebastian Kobold

337 2. Dezember 2013
Themenkolloquium AG Conzelmann
Journal Club

Monika Herrmann (AG Hopfner)

336 18. November 2013
Themenkolloquium Hanna Meinl (AG Rothenfußer)
Journal Club Kirsten Andersen (AG Anders) Canonical and non-canonical functions of ASC and NLPR3 in immune complex glomerulonephritis

335 11. November 2013
Themenkolloquium AG Hopfner
Journal Club Michael Chaloupka (AG Kobold) Positive conversion of negative signaling of CTLA4 potentiates antitumor efficacy of adoptive T-cell therapy in murine tumor models

334 4. November 2013
Themenkolloquium AG Schnurr
Journal Club Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)

333 28. Oktober 2013
Themenkolloquium Christopher Lampert (AG Kobold)
Journal Club  Charlotte Lässig (AG Hopfner)

332 21. Oktober 2013
Themenkolloquium Falk Batz (AG Anders)
Journal Club Yi Zeng (AG Kobold)

331 14. Oktober 2013
Themenkolloquium AG Anz
Journal Club Simone Romoli (AG Anders)

330 7. Oktober 2013
Themenkolloquium Dr. Beate Hagl Monogenetic defects of the STAT3 signaling pathway
Journal Club Dominik Lisowski (AG Anz)
329 30. September 2013
Gastvortrag Dr. Marc Kästle Murine models to study the transgenerational transmission of asthma risks
Journal Club Theresa Käuferle (AG Roscher)
328 23. September 2013
Journal Club Saskia Wassermann (AG Heesemann)
327 16. September 2013
Themenkolloquium Dr. Ellen Renner Primary Immunodeficiences as human model diseases in immunology
Journal Club Marco Wachowius (AG Conzelmann)
326 5. August 2013 bis 9. September 2013 Sommerpause  


Sommersemester 2013

(15. April 2013 bis 2. August 2013)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
325 29. Juli 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Maximilian Gradel (AG Rothenfusser)  
  Journal Club Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)  
324 22. Juli 2013    
65th Research Seminar

Dr. Arndt Schottelius

MorphoSys AG

Biomarker and personalized medicine - why do we need them?
323 15. Juli 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Kristina Gramlich  (AG Heesemann)  
  Journal Club Simon Graßmann (AG Kobold)  
322 8. Juli 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Natascha Küpper (AG Kobold)  
  Journal Club Kristina Gramlich (AG Heesemann)  
321 1. Juli 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Julia Fesseler (AG Anz)  
  Journal Club Christoph Freier (AG Anz)  
320 24. Juni 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Simon Runge (AG Hopfner)  
  Journal Club Igor Lazic (AG Schnurr)  
319 17. Juni 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Qihui Zhou (AG Schulze-Koops)  
  Journal Club Maximilian Gradl (AG Rothenfußer)  
318 10. Juni 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Stefanie Keller (AG Besch)  
  Journal Club Marco Wachowius (AG Conzelmann)  
317 3. Juni 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Simone Romoli (AG Anders)  
  Journal Club Sonja Haupt (AG Schulze-Koops)  
316 27. Mai 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)  
  Journal Club Catharina Zeuzem (AG Heesemann)  
315 13. Mai 2013    
  Forschungsseminar AG Schulze-Koops  
  Journal Club Saskia Graf (AG Besch)  
314 6. Mai 2013    
64th Research Seminar

Dr. Arndt Schottelius

MorphoSys AG

Development of an ani-GM-CSF antibody in rheumatoid arthritis
313 29. April 2013    
63rd Research Seminar

PD Dr. Klaus-Peter Janssen

Technische Universitaet München

Molecularly-based treatment of colorectal cancer
312 22. April 2013    
  Journal Club Dominik Lisowski (AG Anz)  
311 15. April 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Yi Zeng (AG Kobold)  
  Journal Club Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)  
310 8. April 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Mathias Kurzay (AG Kobold)  
  Journal Club Svenja Hüser (AG Schulze-Koops)  
309 18. März 2013    
  Gastvortrag PD Dr. Carsten Rudolph Gene therapy without genes - Transcript therapy opens up new perspectives for disease treatment
308 11. März 2013    
62nd Research Seminar

Dr. Susanne Stutte

Surveillance of adipose tissue by Plasmacytoid dendritic cells


307 04. März 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Prof. Anders "How to write and publish a paper"
306 25. Februar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. Andreas Schmidt (AG Rohenfußer) "The immunologist´s dirty little secret"
  Journal Club Friederike Saathoff (AG Rothenfußer)  
305 18. Februar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar (AG Conzelmann) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)   


Wintersemester 2012/2013

(15. Oktober 2012 bis 15. Februar 2013)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
304 04. Februar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Christoph Freier (AG Anz) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Stefanie Kellner (AG Besch)   
303 28. Januar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Christian Wißkirchen (AG Rothenfußer) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Luisa Berdin (AG Kobold)   
302 21. Januar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Marian Grosser (AG Anders) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Charlotte Lässig (AG Hopfer)   
301 14. Januar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Hannah Lohr (AG Schnurr) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Moritz Rapp (AG Anz)   
300 07. Januar 2013    
  Forschungsseminar Daniel Wenk (AG Kobold) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Markus Zeitlhöfer (AG Rothenfußer)   
299 17. Dezember 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Friederike Saathoff (AG Rohenfußer) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Saskia Wassermann (AG Heesemann)   
298 10. Dezember 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Natascha Küpper (AG Kobold)  
297 03. Dezember 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Simon Runge (AG Hopfner) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Julia Fesseler (AG Anz)  


28. November 2012    
61st Research Seminar

Prof. Charles Dinarello

The Discovery of Interleukin-1 and Its Application


295 19. November 2012    
  Forschungsseminar AG Schulze-Koops Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Johannes Raps (AG Rothenfusser)  
294 12. November 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Anja Funk (AG Schnurr) Ergebniskolloquium


Journal Club Daniel Wenk (AG Endres/Kobold)  


29. Oktober 2012    
59th Research Seminar

Dr. Kai Scheffler

Mass spectrometry for protein quantitation: technological fundamentals and applications


292 15. Oktober 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Louisa Hofer (AG Kobold) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Charlotte Lässig (AG Hopfner)  
291 01. Oktober 2012    
  Forschungsseminar Prof. Walter Fiedler A phase I study of EpCam/CD3-bispecific antibody (MT110) in patients with advanced solid tumors
290 24. September 2012    


Forschungsseminar Prof. Dr. Conzelmann Rabies virus - a cool tool
  Journal Club Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann) Viral immune modulators perturb the human molecular network by common and unique strategies




17. September 2012    


Forschungsseminar Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Heesemann Phagocyte-Staphylococcus interactions in a three-dimensional collagen gel


Journal Club Theresa Käuferle (AG Roscher) High fat diet-induced obesity and heart dysfunction is regulated by the TOR pathway in Drosophila




Sommersemester 2012

(16. April 2012 bis 3. August 2012)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema


30. Juli 2012    



Prof. Schnurr

Mouse tumor models - an introduction


Journal Club Hannes Hölz (AG Schnurr)





23. Juli 2012    
57th Research Seminar

Dr. Arndt Schottelius (Morphosys AG)

Principles of early drug development




16. Juli 2012    
56th Research Seminar

Dr. Claudio Sustmann (Roche AG)

Ways to and working at Roche - a personal perspective




13. Juli 2012    
55th Research Seminar

Prof. Michael Lotze (University of Pittsburgh)

The 5th cardinal sign, cytokines, cancer and autography




09. Juli 2012    
54th Research Seminar

Dr. Arndt Schottelius (MorphoSys AG)

Principles of early drug development




02. Juli 2012    
53rd Research Seminar

Prof. Ulrich von Andrian (Harvard Medical School)

Leukocyte migration




25. Juni 2012    



Kerstin Schuhmann (AG Conzelmann)

Paramyxovirus V and NF-kappaB


Journal Club Philipp Peters (AG Kobold)





18. Juni 2012    



Fanny Matheis (AG Besch)



Journal Club Johannes Kreuzer (AG Schulze-Koops)




11. Juni 2012    



Luisa Hofer (AG Kobold)



Journal Club Adriana Migliorini (AG Anders)







04. Juni 2012    



Sebastian Kobold

How to chair a session



Markus Zeitlhöfler (AG Rothenfusser)



Journal Club Anja Funk (AG Schnurr)






21. Mai 2012    
52nd Research Seminar

Prof.Dr. Kirsten Laubner

Interaction of dying cells with phagocytic cells of the innate immune system




14. Mai 2012    
51st Research Seminar
Prof. Dr. med. Kai Wucherpfennig, Harvard medical School
Human monoclonal antibodies from patients with protective immune responses




07. Mai 2012    



Kristina Gramlich (AG Heesemann)



Journal Club

Moritz Rapp (AG Anz)





30. April 2012    



Ingo Hartter (AG Anders)



Journal Club

Marcus Zeitlhöfer (AG Rothenfusser)





23. April 2012    



Andreas Sailer (AG Kobold)



Journal Club

Saskia Graf (AG Besch)





16. April 2012    



Michael Wunderlich  (AG Rothenfußer)

The recognition of pathogenic DNA, independent of AIM2 and Rig-I


Journal Club

Lukas Macke (AG Rothenfußer)







26. März 2012    



Prof. Schulze-Koops



Journal Club

Fausto Pirronello (AG Schulze-Koops)





19. März 2012    



Sebastian Kobold



Journal Club

Kerstin Schuhmann (AG Conzelmann)





12. März 2012    



David Anz



Journal Club

Wofgang Kunz (AG Anz)





5. März 2012    



Tomas Racek, Jacek Puchalka

Next generation sequencing


Journal Club

Theresa Käuferle (AG Roscher)





27. Februar 2012    
50th Research Seminar
Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Pichlmair, Research Group Leader, Innate Immunity, Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried
Virus recognition by the innate immun system




Wintersemester 2011/2012

(17. Oktober 2011 bis 17. Februar 2012)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema


13. Februar 2012    
49th Research Seminar
Jay Gopalakrishnan, Ph. D.
Department of cell biology
Harvard Medical School
Exploring the m/grako1202/download/inhalt/20120227_Andreas_Pichlmair.pdfechanisms of centrosome biogenesis for cancer therapy


Journal Club

Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)





7. Februar 2012    
  48th Research Seminar Charles Dinarello, M. D.
Professor of Medicine and ImmunologyDivision of Infectious DiseasesUniversity of Colorado School of MedicineAurora, CO, USA
Interleukin-1 and the treat ment of autoinflammatory diseases




6. Februar 2012    



Konstantin Sparrer (AG Conzelmann)

Nuclear measles virus c protein interferes with interferon beta transcription


Journal Club

Luisa Hofer (AG Bourquin)





30. Januar 2012    



Christina Braun (AG Roscher)

Phenotypic characterization of diabetic InsC94y transgenic pigs


Journal Club

Yi Zeng (AG Bourquin)





23. Januar 2012    



AG Anz



Journal Club

Ingo Hartter (AG Anders)





16. Januar 2012    



Natascha Küpper (AG Bourquin)



Journal Club

Tina Adunka (AG Schnurr)







9. Januar 2012    



AG Rothenfußer



Journal Club

Christoph Freier (AG Anz)







19. Dezember 2011    



Clemens Küpper (AG Schulze-Koops)



Journal Club

Martina Rieder (AG Conzelmann)







12. Dezember 2011    



Adriana Migliorini (AG Anders)



Journal Club

Fanny Matheis (AG Besch)







5. Dezember 2011    



Simon Runge (AG Hopfner)



Journal Club

Tina Adunka (AG Schnurr)







28. November 2011    



Kristina Gramlich (AG Heesemann)



Journal Club

Kerstin Schuhmann (AG Conzelmann)







21. November 2011    



Sarah Buhlert (AG Schnurr)



Journal Club

Fausto Pironello

(AG Schulze-Koops)





14. November 2011    
  47th Research Seminar
Dr. Wieland Sommer
Institut für Klinische RadiologieKlinikum der Universität München
Writing in academic medicine




7. November 2011    


Forschungsseminar Martina Rieder Sequential activation of a transcription factor: IRF3 caught in the act


Journal Club Simon Runge (AG Hopfner)  




31. Oktober 2011 Herbstferien  




24. Oktober 2011    


Forschungsseminar Friederike Saathoff  


Journal Club Helene Bourhis (AG Schnurr)  




17. Oktober 2011    


Forschungsseminar Sabine Fraschka  


Journal Club Qihui Zhou (AG Schulze-Koops)  




10. Oktober 2011    


  Grako Industry Career Symposium  




26. September 2011    


Forschungsseminar Sebastian Kobold Adoptive T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer: pros and cons


Journal Club Julius Steffen (AG Bourquin)  




19. September 2011    


Forschungsseminar Andreas Schmidt The immunologist's dirty little secret


Journal Club Andreas Linder (AG Rothenfußer,Schmidt)  




12. September 2011    


 Forschungsseminar Robert Besch Cell death 2.0


 Journal Club Saskia Graf (AG Besch)  


Sommersemester 2011

(2. Mai 2011 bis 19. August 2011)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema




25. Juli 2011    


Forschungsseminar Gabriela Wiedemann (AG Anz)  


Journal Club Sabine Fraschka (AG Besch)  




18. Juli 2011    


Forschungsseminar Alex Steger (AG Schnurr)  


Journal Club Sarah Buhlert (AG Schnurr)  




11. Juli 2011    


Forschungsseminar Clemens Küpper (AG Schulze-Koops) Th9 cells in autoimmune diseases


Journal Club Andreas Sailer (AG Bourquin)  




27. Juni 2011    


Forschungsseminar PD Dr. Silke Meinert, Comprehensive Pneumology Center Proteasome inhibition as a new therapeutic concept






20. Juni 2011    
  47th Research Seminar Dr. Christian Klein Developing novel glycoengineered CD20 and EGFR antibodies with optimized immune effector functions







13. Juni 2011






Journal Club






6. Juni 2011




Ebba Beller (AG Schnurr)  


Journal Club

Adriana Migliorini (AG Anders) Proliferative lesions and metalloproteinase activity in murine lupus nephritis mediated by type I interferons and macrophages





30. Mai 2011




AG Anders  


Journal Club

Clemens Küpper IL-9 induces differentiation of TH17 cells and enhances function of FoxP3+ natural regulatory T cells


238 46th Research Seminar
Dr. Arndt Schottelius
MorphoSys AG, MünchenChief Development Officer
Principles of early drug development Part-II







16. Mai 2011




Moritz Rapp  

Journal Club

Raffaela Castoldi EGFRvIV: a previously uncharacterized oncogenic mutant reveals a kinase autoinhibitory mechanism





9. Mai 2011




Qihui Zhou miRNA regulates the glycoprotein A repetitions predominant expression in Tregs


Journal Club

Kerstin Schuhmann TRIM5 is an innate immune sensor for the retrovirus capsid lattice





2. Mai 2011




Kerstin Schuhmann  


Journal Club

Maximilian Wintergerst Trans-Endocytosis of CD80 and CD86: a molecular basis for the cell extrinsic function of CTLA-4





18. April 2011






Journal Club






11. April 2011




PD Dr. med. Max Schnurr Immunotherapy of cancer: targeting cytosolic helicases


Journal Club

Sabine Fraschka DHODH modulates transcriptional elongation in the neural crest and melanoma





4. April 2011




Theresa Käuferle  


Journal Club

Christine Braun Immunohistochemistry of pancreatic development in cattle and pig


28. März 2011



Forschungsseminar Dr. Bruno Luckow Rules of good scientific practice and procedures for handling scientific misconduct
  Journal Club    
230 21. März 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Simon Heidegger Basics of the adaptive immune response II: focus on T cell migration
  Journal Club Thomas Huber TLR signaling is required for Salmonella typhimurium virulence
229 14. März 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. David Anz Principle mechanisms of the adaptive immune response and immune tolerance
  Journal Club Stefanie Lietke RNA virus controls the severity of Mucotaneous leishmaniasis
228 7. März 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Raffaella Castoldi (Roche) Generation and in vitro characterization of bispecific c-Met – HER1/HER2 antibodies for the treatment of cancer
  Journal Club Sascha Haubner Tumour-infiltrating regulatory T cells stimulate mammary cancermetastasis through RANKL–RANK signalling
227 28. Februar 2011    
  45th Research Seminar
Dr. Arndt Schottelius
MorphoSys AG, MünchenChief Development Officer
Principles of early drug development
226 21. Februar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. Matthew Bennet Insight into cataclytic Triad Enzymes
  Journal Club Simon Runge Preference of RIG-I for short viral RNA molecules in infected cells revealed by next-generation sequencing


Wintersemester 2010/2011

(18. Oktober 2010 bis 18. Februar 2011)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
225 14. Februar 2011    
  44th Research Seminar
Dr. Keith Hoek
Group leader, Melanoma ResearchDepartment of DermatologyUniversity Hospital of Zürich
Phenotype switching in melanoma progression
224 7. Februar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Kristina Gramlich  
  Journal Club Sonja Haupt Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha and gamma agonists together with TGF-beta convert human CD4+CD25-T cells into functional Foxp3+ regulatory T cells
223 31. Januar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Wolfgang Kunz  
  Journal Club Jan Hagemann NF-κB inhibits T-cell activation-induced, p73-dependent cell death by induction of MDM2
222 24. Januar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Sophie Kirchner  
  Journal Club Kristina Gramlich Oligomeric coiled-coil cdhesin YadA is a double-edged sword
221 17. Januar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. Susanne Henning Responsible conduct of research.
220 10. Januar 2011    
  Forschungsseminar Qihui Zhou  
  Journal Club Martina Rieder (AG Conzelmann) ZAPS is a potent stimulator of signaling mediated by the RNA helicase RIG-I during antiviral responses
219 20. Dezember 2010    
  Forschungsseminar AG Conzelmann  
  Journal Club Marc Weidenbusch (AG Anders) Graft-versus-host disease is enhanced by extracellular ATP activating P2X7R
218 13. Dezember 2010    
  Forschungsseminar AG Hopfner  
  Journal Club Sophie Kirchner (AG Bourquin) Suppression of antitumor immunity by stromal cells expressing fibroblast activation protein-alpha
217 6. Dezember 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Mark Weidenbusch (AG Anders)  
  Journal Club Qihui Zhou (AG Schulze-Koops) The microRNA miR-182 is induced by IL-2 and promotes clonal expansion of activated helper T lymphocytes
216 29. November 2010    
    Dr. Susanne Hennig (LMU GraduateCenter) -cancelled due to illness-
215 22. November 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Thomas Huber (AG Bourquin)  
  Journal Club Markus Heppt (AG Besch/Berking) Human dermal stem cells differentiate into functional epidermal melanocytes
214 15. November 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Christine Lohmann (AG Besch)  
  Journal Club Gabriela Wiedemann (AG Anz) IL-6 controls Th17 immunity in vivo by inhibiting the conversion of conventional T cells into Foxp3+ regulatory T cells
213 25. Oktober 2010    
  Forschungsseminar AG Heesemann  
  Journal Club Marc Weidenbusch (AG Anders) Bifurcation of Toll-Like receptor 9 signaling by adaptor protein 3


18. Oktober 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Theresa Kaeuferle (AG Roscher) Dysregulation of microRNAs during adipocyte differentiation - validation of predicted targets.
  Journal Club Kerstin Schuhmann (AG Conzelmann)  


11. Oktober 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Peter Duewell NLRP3 inflamasomes are required for atherogenesis and activated by cholesterol crystals that form early in disease.
  Journal Club The journal club will be canceled.  


04. Oktober 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. Juergen Schauber

Department of Dermatology
Vitamin D pathways: a new target for the control of the skin's immune response.
  Journal Club Claudia Reinholz (AG Besch)  


27. September 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. David Anz Basic principles of the adaptive immune response
  Journal Club Wolfgang Kunz (AG Anz)  
210 27. September 2010    
  Journal Club    
209 20. September 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Michael Wunderlich (AG Rothenfusser)  
  Journal Club Wolf Hohlbein (AG Rothenfusser) Role of EBERs in the pathogenesis of EBV infection
208 13. September 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Prof. Hopfner or Petra Wollmann Structural studies on mot-1, a remodeler that modifies transcription
  Journal Club Simon Runge (AG Hopfner)  
207 10. September 2010    
  43rd Research Seminar
Prof. Dr. Samir N. Khleif
Head, Vaccine Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA; Director, King-Hussein Cancer Institute, Amman, Jordan
Cancer vaccine development strategies


Sommersemester 2010

(19. April 2010 bis 24. Juli 2010)


Nr. Datum Referent Thema
206 26. Juli 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Sebastian Kobold (AG Endres) Antibody therapy: from bench to bedside
  Journal Club Nina Suharta (AG Bourquin) Peroxisomes are signaling platforms for antiviral innate immunity
205 19. Juli 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Prof. Veit Hornung

Universitätsklinikum Bonn, Institut für Klinische Chemie und Pharmakologie


Please note that the talk will be given at the Gene Center in Grosshadern, Lecture Hall, Room 0.75

Intracellular DNA recognition by the innate immune system
204 11. Juli 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Claudia Reinholz (AG Besch/Berking) Reconstitution of the RIG-I pathway reveals a signaling role of unanchored polyubiquitin chains in innate immunity
203 05. Juli 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Christoph Roemmele (AG Anders)  
  Journal Club Moritz Rapp (AG Bourquin)  
202 28. Juni 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Dr. Christine Richter (Gastvortrag)  
201 21. Juni 2010    
  42nd Research Seminar
Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Merk
Yale University School of Medicine, Department of innternal Medicine
First funtional studies of D-dopachrome tautomerase (download flyer here)
200 14. Juni 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Markus Heppt (AG Besch/Berking) Ergebniskolloquium
  Journal Club Dr. Yingyan Yu (AG Roscher) Antagonism of microRNA-126 suppresses the effector function of TH2 cells and the development of allergic airways disease
199 10. Juni 2010    
  5th Annual Retreat Sylvensteinspeicher  
198 09. Juni 2010    
  5th Annual Retreat Sylvensteinspeicher  
197 31. Mai 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Tina Adunka (AG Schnurr) Regulation of adaptive immunity by the innate immune system
  Journal Club Stephan Kruger (AG Anz)  
196 24. Mai 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Pfingstmontag  
195 17. Mai 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Christine Goess (AG Besch) Neutrophils responsive to endogenous IFN-β regulate tumor angiogenesis and growth in a mouse tumor model
  Journal Club Ebba Beller (AG Anders)  
194 10. Mai 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Konstantin Gatos (AG Bourquin)  
  Journal Club Christoph Roemmele (AG Anders)  
193 03. Mai 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Kerstin Schuhmann (AG Conzelmann)  
  Journal Club (AG Rothenfusser)  
192 26. April 2010    
  41st Research Seminar
Dr. Sven Danckwardt
European Molecular Biology LaboratoryDepartment of Pediatric Oncology,Immunolgy and HematologyUniversity of Heidelberg
Regulated mRNA processing meets hemostasis and tumor progression (download flyer here)
191 19. April 2010    
  Forschungsseminar Daniela Senft (AG Besch)  
  Journal Club Daniel Noerenberg (AG Bourquin)