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Annual Immunology Retreat at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, 2016


As a continuation of the exchange with the PhD Program in Immunology at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, students of the international doctorate program "i-Target: Immunotargeting of Cancer" had again the opportunity to participate in the annual Harvard Immunology Retreat. In October 2016, Maurine Rothe, Adrian Gottschlich and Veronika Ecker joined the retreat in Lincoln, New Hampshire together with Prof. Dr. Marion Subklewe (i-Target PI, LMU, Munich). They had the opportunity to visit several laboratories in the Longwood medical area (Dana Farber Cancer Center, New Research Building) in Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. These visits covered a broad field of immunological research and lead to new insights before the retreat began. At the retreat (28thto 30thof October 2016) Harvard PhD students, principal investigators and professors presented their projects and shared results. The i-Target representative Marion Subklewe and several other guest professors from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and Marseille as well as the Cornell University (USA) also participated as speakers. The discussed research covered a broad field of basic immunological aspects as well as therapeutic approaches. Poster presentations took place in the evenings and two i-Target posters were presented. Together with the exceptional scientific part, the hospitality of the Harvard PhD students and organizers was outstanding. Our PhD students were welcomed and hosted very warmly. After the retreat, a Boston sightseeing tour was organized and the successful visit ended with a farewell dinner on the last evening. Some Harvard PhD students expressed their interest in participating in the next i-Target Retreat in sommer 2017 in Germany