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Publikationen 2013

Combined diffusion-weighted, blood oxygen level-dependent, and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for characterization and differentiation of renal cell carcinoma.
Acad Radiol. 2013;20(6): 685-93
Notohamiprodjo M, Staehler M, Steiner N, Schwab F, Sourbron SP, Michaely HJ, Helck AD, Reiser MF, Nikolaou K

[Overactive bladder - relaxed by selective adrenergic agonists?].
Aktuelle Urol. 2013;44(4): 251-2
Roosen A

The receptor antagonist picotamide inhibits adrenergic and thromboxane-induced contraction of hyperplastic human prostate smooth muscle.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2013;305(10): F1383-90
Hennenberg M, Miljak M, Herrmann D, Strittmatter F, Walther S, Rutz B, Hocaoglu Y, Kunit T, Schreiber A, Andersson KE, Stief CG, Gratzke C

A multinational phase II trial of bevacizumab with low-dose interferon-?2a as first-line treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma: BEVLiN.
Ann Oncol. 2013;24(9): 2396-402
Melichar B, Bracarda S, Matveev V, Alekseev B, Ivanov S, Zyryanov A, Janciauskiene R, Fernebro E, Mulders P, Osborne S, Jethwa S, Mickisch G, Gore M, van Moorselaar RJ, Staehler M, Magne N, Bellmunt J, BEVLiN Investigators

Predictors of survival in patients with soft tissue surgical margin involvement at radical cystectomy.
Ann Surg Oncol. 2013;20(3): 1027-34
Xylinas E, Rink M, Novara G, Green DA, Clozel T, Fritsche HM, Guillonneau B, Lotan Y, Kassouf W, Tilki D, Babjuk M, Karakiewicz PI, Montorsi F, Abdennabi J, Trinh QD, Svatek RS, Scherr DS, Zerbib M, Shariat SF

DNA hypermethylation as a predictor of PSA recurrence in patients with low- and intermediate-grade prostate cancer.
Anticancer Res. 2013;33(12): 5249-54
Moritz R, Ellinger J, Nuhn P, Haese A, Müller SC, Graefen M, Schlomm T, Bastian PJ

Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy in patients with recurrent disease: fiction or fact?
BJU Int. 2013;111(5): 692-4
Brookman-May S, Minervini A, Volpe A, Ficarra V, Salagierski M, Marszalek M, Roscigno M, Akdogan B, Vandromme A, Langenhuijsen JF, Langenhuijsen H, Rodriguez-Faba O, Joniau S, Renal Cancer Working Group of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU) Working Party of the European Association of Urology (EAU)

Time to recurrence is a significant predictor of cancer-specific survival after recurrence in patients with recurrent renal cell carcinoma - results from a comprehensive multi-centre database (CORONA/SATURN-Project).
BJU Int. 2013;
[Epub ahead of print]
Brookman-May SD, May M, Shariat SF, Novara G, Zigeuner R, Cindolo L, De Cobelli O, De Nunzio C, Pahernik S, Wirth MP, Longo N, Simonato A, Serni S, Siracusano S, Volpe A, Morgia G, Bertini R, Dalpiaz O, Stief C, Ficarra V, Members of the CORONA-Project, the SATURN-Project, and the Young Academic Urologists Renal Cancer Group

Obesity is associated with worse oncological outcomes in patients treated with radical cystectomy.
BJU Int. 2013;111(2): 249-55
Chromecki TF, Cha EK, Fajkovic H, Rink M, Ehdaie B, Svatek RS, Karakiewicz PI, Lotan Y, Tilki D, Bastian PJ, Daneshmand S, Kassouf W, Durand M, Novara G, Fritsche HM, Burger M, Izawa JI, Brisuda A, Babjuk M, Pummer K, Shariat SF

Assessing the accuracy and generalizability of the preoperative and postoperative Karakiewicz nomograms for renal cell carcinoma: results from a multicentre European and US study.
BJU Int. 2013;112(5): 578-84
Cindolo L, Chiodini P, Brookman-May S, De Cobelli O, May M, Squillacciotti S, De Nunzio C, Tubaro A, Coman I, Feciche B, Truss M, Wirth MP, Dalpiaz O, Chromecki TF, Shariat SF, Sanchez-Chapado M, Santiago Martin Mdel C, Rocco B, Salzano L, Lotrecchiano G, Berardinelli F, Schips L

Contraction of the anterior prostate is required for the initiation of micturition.
BJU Int. 2013; 111(7): 1117-23
Hocaoglu Y, Herrmann K, Walther S, Hennenberg M, Gratzke C, Bauer R, Stief C, Roosen A

Association of pretreatment neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and overall survival (OS) in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) treated with first-line docetaxel.
BJU Int. 2013; [Epub ahead of print]
Nuhn P, Vaghasia AM, Goyal J, Zhou XC, Carducci MA, Eisenberger MA, Antonarakis ES

Outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with a single lymph node metastasis at time of radical cystectomy.
BJU Int. 2013;111(1): 74-84
Rink M, Hansen J, Cha EK, Green DA, Babjuk M, Svatek RS, Xylinas E, Tagawa ST, Faison T, Novara G, Karakiewicz PI, Daneshmand S, Lotan Y, Kassouf W, Fritsche HM, Pycha A, Comploj E, Tilki D, Bastian PJ, Chun FK, Dahlem R, Scherr DS, Shariat SF

Predictors of cancer-specific mortality after disease recurrence following radical cystectomy.
BJU Int. 2013;111(3b): E30-E36
Rink M, Lee DJ, Kent M, Xylinas E, Fritsche HM, Babjuk M, Brisuda A, Hansen J, Green DA, Aziz A, Cha EK, Novara G, Chun FK, Lotan Y, Bastian PJ, Tilki D, Gontero P, Pycha A, Baniel J, Mano R, Ficarra V, Trinh QD, Tagawa ST, Karakiewicz PI, Scherr DS, Sjoberg DD, Shariat SF, for the Bladder Cancer Research Consortium

Gender-specific effect of smoking on upper tract urothelial carcinoma outcomes.
BJU Int. 2013;112(5): 623-37
Rink M, Xylinas E, Trinh QD, Lotan Y, Margulis V, Raman JD, Fisch M, Lee RK, Chun FK, Abdennabi J, Seitz C, Pycha A, Zlotta AR, Karakiewicz PI, Babjuk M, Scherr DS, Shariat SF, Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma Collaboration (UTUCC) , Bastian PJ, Bensalah K, Cha EK, Comploj E, Fernández M, Ficarra V, Kabbani W, Kassouf W, Kikuchi E, Koppie TM, Martinez-Salamanca JI, Matin SF, Matsumoto K, Montorsi F, Ng CK, Novara G, Oya M, Patard JJ, Remzi M, Roscigno M, Ströbel P, Tritschler S, Waldert M, Walton TJ, Weizer A, Wolf J, Zigeuner R

Lymphovascular invasion is independently associated with bladder cancer recurrence and survival in patients with final stage T1 disease and negative lymph nodes after radical cystectomy.
BJU Int. 2013;111(8): 1215-21
Tilki D, Shariat SF, Lotan Y, Rink M, Karakiewicz PI, Schoenberg MP, Lerner SP, Sonpavde G, Sagalowsky AI, Gupta A

Endogenous BTG2 expression stimulates migration of bladder cancer cells and correlates with poor clinical prognosis for bladder cancer patients.
Br J Cancer. 2013;108(4): 973-82
Wagener N, Bulkescher J, Macher-Goeppinger S, Karapanagiotou-Schenkel I, Hatiboglu G, Abdel-Rahim M, Abol-Enein H, Ghoneim MA, Bastian PJ, Müller SC, Haferkamp A, Hohenfellner M, Hoppe-Seyler F, Hoppe-Seyler K

Prognostic Effect of Sarcomatoid Dedifferentiation in Patients With Surgically Treated Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Matched-Pair Analysis.
Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2013; 11(4): 465-70

Brookman-May S, May M, Shariat SF, Zigeuner R, Chromecki T, Cindolo L, Schips L, De Cobelli O, Rocco B, De Nunzio C, Tubaro A, Feciche B, Coman I, Truss M, Pahernik S, Wirth MP, Zastrow S, Dalpiaz O, Fenske F, Waidelich R, Stief C, Gunia S, Members of the CORONA Project

Urethral stricture: etiology, investigation and treatments.
Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2013;110(13): 220-6
Tritschler S, Roosen A, Füllhase C, Stief CG, Rübben H

Correspondence (reply): In reply.
Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2013;110(33-34): 562
Tritschler S

Prediction of outcome in patients with urothelial carcinoma of the bladder following radical cystectomy using artificial neural networks.
Eur J Surg Oncol. 2013;39(4): 372-9
Buchner A, May M, Burger M, Bolenz C, Herrmann E, Fritsche HM, Ellinger J, Höfner T, Nuhn P, Gratzke C, Brookman-May S, Melchior S, Peter J, Moritz R, Tilki D, Gilfrich C, Roigas J, Zacharias M, Hohenfellner M, Haferkamp A, Trojan L, Wieland WF, Müller SC, Stief CG, Bastian PJ

Re: Axel Heidenreich, David Pfister. Treatment decisions for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer progressing after docetaxel chemotherapy: the role of cabazitaxel in the continuum of care. Eur Urol 2012;62:1201-4.
Eur Urol. 2013;64(3): e62-4
Brookman-May S, Tombal B, Joniau S

Features Associated with Recurrence Beyond 5 Years After Nephrectomy and Nephron-Sparing Surgery for Renal Cell Carcinoma: Development and Internal Validation of a Risk Model (PRELANE score) to Predict Late Recurrence Based on a Large Multicenter Database
Eur Urol. 2013;64(3): 472-7
Brookman-May S, May M, Shariat SF, Xylinas E, Stief C, Zigeuner R, Chromecki T, Burger M, Wieland WF, Cindolo L, Schips L, De Cobelli O, Rocco B, De Nunzio C, Feciche B, Truss M, Gilfrich C, Pahernik S, Hohenfellner M, Zastrow S, Wirth MP, Novara G, Carini M, Minervini A, Simeone C, Antonelli A, Mirone V, Longo N, Simonato A, Carmignani G, Ficarra V, members of the CORONA project and the SATURN project

Photodynamic diagnosis of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer with hexaminolevulinate cystoscopy: a meta-analysis of detection and recurrence based on raw data.
Eur Urol. 2013;64(5): 846-54
Burger M, Grossman HB, Droller M, Schmidbauer J, Hermann G, Dr?goescu O, Ray E, Fradet Y, Karl A, Burgués JP, Witjes JA, Stenzl A, Jichlinski P, Jocham D

Extranodal extension is a powerful prognostic factor in bladder cancer patients with lymph node metastasis.
Eur Urol. 2013;64(5): 837-45
Fajkovic H, Cha EK, Jeldres C, Robinson BD, Rink M, Xylinas E, Chromecki TF, Breinl E, Svatek RS, Donner G, Tagawa ST, Tilki D, Bastian PJ, Karakiewicz PI, Volkmer BG, Novara G, Joual A, Faison T, Sonpavde G, Daneshmand S, Lotan Y, Scherr DS, Shariat SF ES

Prognostic Value of Perinodal Lymphovascular Invasion Following Radical Cystectomy for Lymph Node-positive Urothelial Carcinoma.
Eur Urol. 2013;63(4): 739-44
Fritsche HM, May M, Denzinger S, Otto W, Siegert S, Giedl C, Giedl J, Eder F, Agaimy A, Novotny V, Wirth M, Stief C, Brookman-May S, Hofstädter F, Gierth M, Aziz A, Kocot A, Riedmiller H, Bastian PJ, Toma M, Wieland WF, Hartmann A, Burger M

Systematic Review of Combination Drug Therapy for Non-neurogenic Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.
Eur Urol. 2013; 64(2): 228-43
Füllhase C, Chapple C, Cornu JN, De Nunzio C, Gratzke C, Kaplan SA, Marberger M, Montorsi F, Novara G, Oelke M, Porst H, Roehrborn C, Stief C, McVary KT

The Role of Radical Prostatectomy and Lymph Node Dissection in Lymph Node-Positive Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review of the Literature.
Eur Urol. 2013;
[Epub ahead of print]
Gakis G, Boorjian SA, Briganti A, Joniau S, Karazanashvili G, Karnes RJ, Mattei A, Shariat SF, Stenzl A, Wirth M, Stief CG

Alpha-Blockers and antimuscarinics for male lower urinary tract symptoms: the search goes on.
Eur Urol. 2013;63(1): 166-7; discussion 168
Gratzke C, Andersson KE

Virtual Reality Systems in Urologic Surgery: An Evaluation of the GreenLight Simulator.
Eur Urol. 2013; 64(4): 687-8

Herlemann A, Strittmatter F, Buchner A, Karl A, Reich O, Bachmann A, Stief CG, Gratzke C

Impact of smoking on oncologic outcomes of upper tract urothelial carcinoma after radical nephroureterectomy.
Eur Urol. 2013;63(6): 1082-90
Rink M, Xylinas E, Margulis V, Cha EK, Ehdaie B, Raman JD, Chun FK, Matsumoto K, Lotan Y, Furberg H, Babjuk M, Pycha A, Wood CG, Karakiewicz PI, Fisch M, Scherr DS, Shariat SF, Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma Collaboration , Bastian PJ, Bensalah K, Comploj E, Fernández M, Ficarra V, Kabbani W, Kassouf W, Kikuchi E, Koppie TM, Martinez-Salamanca JI, Matin SF, Montorsi F, Ng CK, Novara G, Oya M, Patard JJ, Remzi M, Roscigno M, Seitz C, Ströbel P, Tritschler S, Waldert M, Walton TJ, Weizer A, Wolf J, Zigeuner R

What is the contemporary role of radiofrequency ablation in the management of small renal masses? Are small lesions the radiologist's tumors?
Eur Urol. 2013;63(3): 493-5
Salagierski M, Akdogan B, Brookman-May S, Dobrowolska-Glazar B, Ficarra V, Langenhuijsen JF, Marszalek M, Minervini A, Rodriguez-Faba O, Roscigno M, Vandromme A, Volpe A, Joniau S, Renal Cancer Working Group of the Young Academic Urologists Working Party of the European Association of Urology

TVT-O for the Treatment of Pure Urodynamic Stress Incontinence: Efficacy, Adverse Effects, and Prognostic Factors at 5-Year Follow-up.
Eur Urol. 2013;63(5): 872-8
Serati M, Bauer R, Cornu JN, Cattoni E, Braga A, Siesto G, Lizée D, Haab F, Torella M, Salvatore S

Future Direction in Pharmacotherapy for Non-neurogenic Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.
Eur Urol. 2013; 64(4): 610-21

Soler R, Andersson KE, Chancellor MB, Chapple CR, de Groat WC, Drake MJ, Gratzke C, Lee R, Cruz F

18F-Fluoroethylcholine PET/CT identifies lymph node metastasis in patients with prostate-specific antigen failure after radical prostatectomy but underestimates its extent.
Eur Urol. 2013;63(5): 792-6
Tilki D, Reich O, Graser A, Hacker M, Silchinger J, Becker AJ, Khoder W, Bartenstein P, Stief CG, Loidl W, Seitz M

Lymphadenectomy for bladder cancer at the time of radical cystectomy.
Eur Urol. 2013;64(2): 266-76
Tilki D, Brausi M, Colombo R, Evans CP, Fradet Y, Fritsche HM, Lerner SP, Sagalowsky A, Shariat SF, Bochner BH

Current pharmacological treatment options for male lower urinary tract symptoms.
Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2013;14(8): 1043-54
Strittmatter F, Gratzke C, Stief CG, Hedlund P

Protein gene product 9.5 is diagnostically helpful in delineating high-grade renal cell cancer involving the renal medullary/sinus region from invasive urothelial cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis.
Hum Pathol. 2013;44(5): 712-7
Gunia S, Erbersdobler A, Koch S, Otto W, Staibano S, D'Alterio C, Brookman-May S

Laparoscopic repair of iatrogenic bladder perforation during transurethral bladder tumor resection: Case report and literature review.
Indian J Urol. 2013;29(1): 61-3
May F, Schlenker B, Hofer B, Stief CG, Rau HG

Characterization and risk stratification of prostate cancer in patients undergoing radical cystoprostatectomy.
Int J Urol. 2013; 20(9): 866-71
Buse S, Höfner T, Müller SC, Hermann E, Wieland WF, May M, Stief CG, Bastian PJ, Hohenfellner M, Haferkamp A

Editorial Comment from Dr Füllhase to Expression and functional role of alpha(3) -adrenoceptors in the human ureter.
Int J Urol. 2013; 20(10): 1016
Füllhase C

Schwann cell-mediated delivery of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor restores erectile function after cavernous nerve injury.
Int J Urol. 2013;20(3): 344-8
May F, Buchner A, Schlenker B, Gratzke C, Arndt C, Stief C, Weidner N, Matiasek K

The cAMP effector EPAC activates Elk1 transcription factor in prostate smooth muscle, and is a minor regulator of ?1-adrenergic contraction.
J Biomed Sci. 2013;20: 46
Hennenberg M, Strittmatter F, Schmetkamp H, Rutz B, Walther S, Stief CG, Gratzke C

Do young patients with renal cell carcinoma feature a distinct outcome after surgery? A comparative analysis of patients aged 40 years or less versus patients within the 7th decade of life based on the multinational CORONA database.
J Urol. 2013;
[Epub ahead of print]
Aziz A, May M, Zigeuner R, Pichler M, Chromecki T, Cindolo L, Schips L, De Cobelli O, Rocco B, De Nunzio C, Tubaro A, Coman I, Truss M, Dalpiaz O, Hoschke B, Gilfrich C, Feciche B, Fenske F, Sountoulides P, Figenshau RS, Madison K, Sánchez-Chapado M, Martin MD, Wieland WF, Salzano L, Lotrecchiano G, Waidelich R, Stief C, Brookman-May S

Presence of Phosphodiesterase Type 5 in the Spinal Cord and its Involvement in Bladder Outflow Obstruction Related Bladder Overactivity.
J Urol. 2013;190(4): 1430-5

Füllhase C, Hennenberg M, Giese A, Schmidt M, Strittmatter F, Soler R, Gratzke C, Andersson KE, Stief C

Spinal cord FAAH in normal micturition control and bladder overactivity in awake rats.
J Urol. 2013;189(6): 2364-70
Füllhase C, Russo A, Castiglione F, Benigni F, Campeau L, Montorsi F, Gratzke C, Bettiga A, Stief C, Andersson KE, Hedlund P

Inhibition of rho-kinase improves erectile function, increases nitric oxide signaling and decreases penile apoptosis in a rat model of cavernous nerve injury.
J Urol. 2013;189(3): 1155-61
Hannan JL, Albersen M, Kutlu O, Gratzke C, Stief CG, Burnett AL, Lysiak JJ, Hedlund P, Bivalacqua TJ

Impact of clinical and histopathological parameters on disease-specific survival in patients with collecting duct renal cell carcinoma - Development of a disease-specific risk-model.
J Urol. 2013; [Epub ahead of print]
May M, Ficarra V, Shariat SF, Zigeuner R, Chromecki T, Cindolo L, Burger M, Gunia S, Feciche B, Wenzl V, Aziz A, Chun F, Becker A, Pahernik S, Simeone C, Longo N, Zucchi A, Antonelli A, Mirone V, Stief C, Novara G, Brookman-May S, Members of the CORONA- and the SATURN projects, and the Young Academic Urologists Renal Cancer Group

Encrustation of urologic double pigtail catheters-an ex vivo optical coherence tomography (OCT) study.
Lasers Med Sci. 2013;28(3): 919-24
Bader MJ, Zilinberg K, Weidlich P, Waidelich R, Püls M, Gratzke C, Stief CG, Stepp H, Sroka R

[Male lower urinary tract symptoms: the role of the prostate].
MMW Fortschr Med. 2013;155(14): 34
Gratzke C, Stief CG

[Management of benign prostate syndrome].
MMW Fortschr Med. 2013;155(14): 39-42  
Herlemann A, Strittmatter F, Stief CG, Gratzke C

[Urinary tract infections].
MMW Fortschr Med. 2013;155 Spec N(1): 65-9; quiz 70
Magistro G, Scherberich JE, Bogner JR, Schubert S, Stief CG, Gratzke C

[Management of testicular cancer].
MMW Fortschr Med. 2013;155(21-22): 40-2  
Schneevoigt B, Stief CG, Karl A

[Etiology and diagnostics of the benign prostate syndrom].
MMW Fortschr Med. 2013;155(14): 35-8 (Impact: liegt nicht vor, Typ=Journal Article)
Weinhold P, Magistro G, Strittmatter F, Herlemann A, Stief CG, Gratzke C, Roosen A

Management of localized and locally advanced renal tumors. A contemporary review of current treatment options.
Minerva Med. 2013;104(3): 237-59  
Brookman-May S, Langenhuijsen JF, Volpe A, Minervini A, Joniau S, Salagierski M, Roscigno M, Akdogan B, Vandromme A, Rodriguez-Faba O, Marszalek M

High immune response rates and decreased frequencies of regulatory T cells in metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients after tumor cell vaccination.
Mol Med. 2013;18: 1499-508
Pohla H*, Buchner A*, Stadlbauer B, Frankenberger B, Stevanovic S, Walter S, Frank R, Schwachula T, Olek S, Kopp J, Willimsky G, Stief CG, Hofstetter A, Pezzutto A, Blankenstein T, Oberneder R, Schendel DJ (co-first authorship)

Pazopanib versus sunitinib in metastatic renal-cell carcinoma.
N Engl J Med. 2013;369(8): 722-31
Motzer RJ, Hutson TE, Cella D, Reeves J, Hawkins R, Guo J, Nathan P, Staehler M, de Souza P, Merchan JR, Boleti E, Fife K, Jin J, Jones R, Uemura H, De Giorgi U, Harmenberg U, Wang J, Sternberg CN, Deen K, McCann L, Hackshaw MD, Crescenzo R, Pandite LN, Choueiri TK

The fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor oleoyl ethyl amide counteracts bladder overactivity in female rats.
Neurourol Urodyn. 2013; [Epub ahead of print]
Gandaglia G, Strittmatter F, La Croce G, Benigni F, Bettiga A, Castiglione F, Moschini M, Mistretta F, Gratzke C, Montorsi F, Stief C, Hedlund P

Everolimus in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma after Failure of Initial Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (VEGFr-TKI) Therapy: Results of an Interim Analysis of a Non-Interventional Study.
Onkologie. 2013;36(3): 95-100
Bergmann L, Goebell PJ, Kube U, Kindler M, Herrmann E, Janssen J, Schmitz J, Weikert S, Steiner G, Jakob A, Staehler MD, Steiner T, Overkamp F, Albrecht M, Guderian G, Doehn C

Noradrenaline induces binding of Clathrin light chain A to alpha1-adrenoceptors in the human prostate.
2013;73(7): 715-23
Hennenberg M, Miersch J, Rutz B, Strittmatter F, Waidelich R, Stief CG, Gratzke C

[Lower abdominal space-occupying lesion with displaced roof of the bladder].
Radiologe. 2013;53(5): 434-6
Hesse N, Füllhase C, Wengenroth M

CXC chemokine receptor 4 is essential for maintenance of renal cell carcinoma-initiating cells and predicts metastasis.
Stem Cells. 2013;31(8): 1467-76

Gassenmaier M, Chen D, Buchner A, Henkel L, Schiemann M, Mack B, Schendel DJ, Zimmermann W, Pohla H

Impact of the 'Repositioning Test' on Postoperative Outcome of Retroluminar Transobturator Male Sling Implantation.
Urol Int. 2013;90(3): 334-8
Bauer RM, Gozzi C, Roosen A, Khoder W, Trottmann M, Waidelich R, Stief CG, Soljanik I

Photodynamic therapy of bladder cancer - a phase I study using hexaminolevulinate (HAL).
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(7): 1178-83
Bader MJ, Stepp H, Beyer W, Pongratz T, Sroka R, Kriegmair M, Zaak D, Welschof M, Tilki D, Stief CG, Waidelich R

Critical analysis and validation of lymph node density as prognostic variable in urothelial carcinoma of bladder.
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(4): 480-6
Kassouf W, Svatek RS, Shariat SF, Novara G, Lerner SP, Fradet Y, Bastian PJ, Aprikian A, Karakiewicz PI, Fritsche HM, Dinney CP, Tilki D, Kamat AM, Izawa JI, Ficarra V, Lotan Y, Sagalowsky AI, Schoenberg MP, Skinner EC

Early incontinence after radical prostatectomy: a community based retrospective analysis in 911 men and implications for preoperative counseling.
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(7): 1006-11
Khoder WY, Trottmann M, Stuber A, Stief CG, Becker AJ

Gender-specific differences in cancer-specific survival after radical cystectomy for patients with urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder in pathologic tumor stage T4a.
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(7): 1141-7
May M, Bastian PJ, Brookman-May S, Fritsche HM, Tilki D, Otto W, Bolenz C, Gilfrich C, Trojan L, Herrmann E, Moritz R, Tiemann A, Müller SC, Ellinger J, Buchner A, Stief CG, Wieland WF, Höfner T, Hohenfellner M, Haferkamp A, Roigas J, Zacharias M, Nuhn P, Burger M

Safety and feasibility of image-guided robotic radiosurgery for patients with limited bone metastases of prostate cancer.
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(4): 455-60
Muacevic A, Kufeld M, Rist C, Wowra B, Stief C, Staehler M

Ureterorenoscopic biopsy and urinary cytology according to the 2004 WHO classification underestimate tumor grading in upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma.
Urol Oncol. 2013;31(7): 1166-70
Straub J, Strittmatter F, Karl A, Stief CG, Tritschler S

[Importance of sonography in the diagnostics of functional disorders of the female pelvic floor.]
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 533-40
Albrich S, Bauer RM, Haberer E, Skala C, Naumann G

[Imaging in urology: what 2013 will bring.]
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 479-80
Bauer RM, Stief CG

[Focal prostate cancer therapy: capabilities, limitations and prospects].
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 549-56
Baumunk D, Blana A, Ganzer R, Henkel T, Köllermann J, Roosen A, Machtens S, Salomon G, Sentker L, Witzsch U, Köhrmann KU, Schostak M, Arbeitsgruppe für Fokale und Mikrotherapie

[UroLift® : An operative non-ablative procedure for treatment of benign prostatic syndrome].
Urologe A. 2013;52(3): 350-3
Berges R, Sievert KD, Gratzke C, Wetterauer U

[Intraprostatic injection therapy in patients with benign prostatic syndrome].
Urologe A. 2013;52(3): 354-8
Bschleipfer T, Bach T, Gratzke C, Madersbacher S, Oelke M

[Medical therapy of male lower urinary tract symptoms].
Urologe A. 2013;52(2): 184-5
Gratzke C, Stief CG

[Surgical management of male lower urinary tract symptoms.]
Urologe A. 2013;52(3): 329-30
Gratzke C, Stief CG

[Medicinal therapy of benign prostate syndrome with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors].
Urologe A. 2013;52(2): 204-11
Herlemann A, Gratzke C, Andersson KE, Sievert KD

[Male circumcision is not associated with an increased prevalence of erectile dysfunction: results of the Cottbus 10,000-men survey].
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 562-9
Hoschke B, Fenske S, Brookman-May S, Spivak I, Gilfrich C, Fritsche HM, Wolff I, May M

[Photodynamic diagnostics of the bladder : Current study results.]
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 504-8
Karl A, Stief C, Zaak D

[Imaging diagnostics of the male pelvic floor.]
Urologe A. 2013;52(4): 527-32
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[Uropathology for urologist].
Urologe A. 2013;52(7): 931-2
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