SFB 571

The SFB 571 ended in 2011. Please refer to http://www.sfbtr128.de  for a new initiative focusing on MS.

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SFB 571 - Autoimmune reactions:
From manifestations and mechanisms to therapy



Research Programme

The overall topic of this collaborative research centre (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) is the pathogenesis and possible therapeutic modulation of autoimmune reactions, as they occur in human autoimmune diseases and in animal models. Several autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis vulgaris, autoimmune diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, have a high prevalence. These diseases cause a lot of suffering and represent an enormous socioeconomic burden. Collectively, autoimmune diseases affect many millions of individuals worldwide, and up to 5 per cent of the population. Knowledge of the mechanism of autoimmunity tends to grow with our general knowledge of the immune system. And indeed, progress in basic immunology over the past years proved to be very fruitful also for research into autoimmunity. Despite such progress, however, satisfactory treatments are still badly needed for most autoimmune diseases. Even those diseases that can be “treated” still cannot be “cured”.

Structure of the programme

From the beginning of its funding (2001) our research programme has been divided into four main parts, namely

  1. Recognition of antigen and induction of autoimmune reactions:
  2. Mechanisms of immune regulation and tolerance;
  3. Effector mechanisms and interactions with the target organ;
  4. Therapeutic strategies


University Hospital - LMU
Institute for Clinical Neuroimmunology
Marchioninistraße 15
81377 München

Founded January 2001
Coordinating University: Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich