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Spinal Surgery

Our spinal surgery team consists of highly specialized professionals who are dedicated to diagnose and treat the complete spectrum of spinal diseases and the most challenging of cases.

The team routinely treats degenerative spinal disorders such as stenosis, instability, disc degeneration and herniation as well as osteoporotic spine disease. For these indications, we aim to use minimally invasive and full-endoscopic techniques whenever this is reasonably possible.

We regularly perform spinal deformity (scoliosis, kyphosis) correction in children, adolescents and adults which includes very complex techniques such as spinal osteotomies, percutaneously expandable growth-guiding systems (e.g.: Ellipse’s MAGEC rods) and special halo traction treatments.

For complicated situations such as spinal infection, tumors and in revision cases (so-called “failed-back surgery” after multiple previous surgeries) we are fully equipped to use any approach and any technique necessary after a thorough analysis of the underlying conditions.

Anatomically, we cover the complete axial skeleton from skull base to pelvis and our training puts us into the position to use any surgical approach necessary (anterior, posterior, lateral and oblique), which means that we are not restricted by the necessity of using a certain approach.

In terms of diagnostics, we cooperate with all other specialties and most frequently with our colleagues from Radiology and Neurology to properly analyze the spinal problems of our patients. Grosshadern Medical Center is currently the only location in the State of Bavaria, were an EOS 2D/3D Scanner (EOS Imaging, France) is available for advanced upright analysis of spinal alignment and shape, which is an enormous step forward to better understanding and treating postural problems and spinal dysbalance. This superior imaging technology permits for 3-dimensional analysis under normal weight-bearing conditions and also affords a significant reduction in radiation exposure, which is of particular benefit to our pediatric patients.

For spinal problems that do not require or that are not amenable to surgical intervention, we cooperate closely with our colleagues from Interdisciplinary Pain Management and from Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in order to open up alternative treatment options.

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