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Organisation structure of the department of pediatric orthopaedics

The department of children´s orthopaedics was, in 2007, the first of its kind to receive the authorisation for postgraduate education for specialisation in children´s orthopaedics. Thus, intensive teaching and knowledge exchange between the heads of department and the medical fellows is guaranteed. This is also a great benefit for our little patients.


Outpatient department

We provide a large outpatient department which is an integral part of the children´s hospital as well as of the department of orthopaedics located at the Klinikum Großhadern. Our department can be easily reached by public transport (subway) as well as by car. There is a car parking with specially reserved parking sites located close to the department. Patient admission can be done right inside the department of pediatric orthopaedics. We provide a child-oriented waiting area with an open-air playground directly associated. Three treatment rooms can be directly accessed from the waiting area. One of these is a special room for ultrasound diagnostics, furthermore we provide a dedicated room for clinical gait analysis.


Children with interdisciplinary problems can easily and anytime be examined in collaboration with specialists of the department of pediatrics which is situated directly adjacent on the same floor. Our specialists for orthopaedic and prosthetic devices are also located in immediate proximity, so that orthopaedic devices can be designed, manufactured and checked in close collaboration. Furthermore, physiotherapy can be performed at our outpatient department.


Inpatient treatment

Children in need of surgical or stationary nonsurgical therapy are treated in our clinic´s interdisciplinary children´s ward which also provides an additional intensive care unit. Children and their mothers can be accommodated together, parents of elder children can be roomed in a special guesthouse located on the clinic area. Our patients are cared for by specialized pediatric nurses.


Surgical therapy

Operations are performed exclusively in our orthopaedic operating theatres, which guarantees highest standards of sterility during surgery. In addition to that, this enables us to apply high-tech methods and devices that are already established in orthopaedic surgery of adults. Especially for arthroscopic surgery and other highly specialized surgical procedures this is very effective. For example, devices for intraoperative navigation can be used. In all operations, anaesthesia is performed by specialised pediatric anaesthetists who also have expert knowledge in postoperative pain management.


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