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The congenital clubfoot an other congenital deformities of the foot

With our expertise through regular consiliary practice in the department of obstetrics we regularly treat a great number of children with congenital clubfoot by casting. Moderate clubfoot deformities can be treated non-surgically by physiotherapy, orthopaedic arch support and splits for growth direction during nighttime. In case surgical therapy is necessary, the specific way of operation depends on how refractory the clubfoot is. At best, only a little lengthening of the achilles tendon in needed than can be done in local anaesthesia. If the foot deformity is more severe, also larger operations at the age of one year may become necessary.

Children with treated congenital clubfoots normally can live a comfortable life without pain or large restictions, but they need to stay under therapy or surveillance of a children´s orthopaedic.

In therapy of an infantile flatfoot it is very important not to treat too much or too little. Besides physiotherapy and shoe inlets there exist several effective surgical procedures, which, however, have to be performed at the right time.

In addition to the very common congenital clubfoot and flatfoot we also treat children with pigeon toes, talipes calcaneus, pes cavus and other rare foot deformities. In these cases it has to be taken especially into account what kind of disease induced the foot deformity.



Angeborener Klumpfuß eines Neurogeborenen. Congenital clubfoot of a newborn

Gipsbehandlung eines angeborenen Klumpfußes. Cast therapy of congenital clubfoots

Ausgeprägter Plattfuß eines Buben, der operationsbedürftig ist. Severe flatfoot that has to undergo surgical treatment

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