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Disorders of the hip joint during infancy and adolescence

The most common diseases in these periods are the Coxitis fugax, which is sometimes hard to diagnose, but harmless, as well as Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease und the Epiphysiolysis Capitis Femoris (ECF).


In the treatment of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease we consider most important being able to use the latest diagnostic methods combined with the great experience we have as a highly-specialized outpatients´ department. Thus, we are able to discriminate precisely patients that can be treated without surgery from those who will profit from an operation.


The Epiphysiolysis Capitis Femoris (ECF), which can often take a highly acute course of disease, can be immediately treated in our department as we provide structures for emergency operations.


Despite ultrasound examinations of the newborns´ hips have become common, we have seen an increasing number of patients with neclected Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip that has to be treated with extensive correction osteotomies of the pelvis or the femoral neck.



Durchblutungsgestörte rechte Hüfte eines an Morbus Perthes erkrankten Kindes. Femoral head with compromised blood circulation in a patient with Perthes´ disease.

Stark abgerutschter Hüftkopf bei jugendlichem Hüftkopfgleiten. Severe slipping of the femoral head in a patient with ECF.

Der abgerutschte Hüftkopf wurde operativ wieder aufgerichtet, zusätzlich wurde durch beidseitig eingesetzte Schrauben verhindert, dass die Hüftköpfe erneut abgleiten. The slipped right femoral head has been surgically set upright again, additionally a recurrence of femoral head slipping has been prevented by fixation with screws in both the left and the right femoral head.

In der Pubertät diagnostizierte Hüftdysplasie eines Mädchens mit Subluxation des Hüftkopfes rechts. Subluxation of the femoral head in a patient with congenital dysplasia of the hip with that has been diagnosed late in adolescence.

Operativ rekonstruierte rechte Hüfte desselben Mädchens Surgically reconstructed right hip joint of the same patient

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