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Leg length discrepancies and axis deformities

A number of children orthopaedic diseases result in shortening of legs or arms as well as axis deviations. Frequently, in our operations, we have to combine correction of axis deviations with lengthening or shortening of extremities. At an age where enough potential of growth remains, axis deformities or length discrepancies often can also be corrected by temporarily inhibiting the growth plates through a very little operation.


Mädchen mit angeborenem, verkürzten Oberschenkel und Unterschenkel Girl with congenital shortening of the upper and lower leg 

Das selbe Mädchen als junge Frau nach durchgeführter Oberschenkel - und Unterschenkelverlängerung. The same person as a young woman after lengthening of the upper and lower leg.

Ausgeprägtes, beidseitiges O-Bein eines 12-jährigen Jungen. 12-year-old boy with pronounced bowlegs

Operativ korrigiertes O-Bein rechts. The same boy after surgical correction of the right leg

Der selbe Patient nach operativer Korrektur beider Beine. The same patient after surgical correction of both legs

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