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The European collaborative project EU-CERT-ICD aims to analyse the effectiveness of prophylactic implantation of cadioverter defibrillators (ICDs) in Europe. The project includes a non-randomised, non-invasive, advanced diagnostics, observational trial in candidates and patients for primary prophylactic ICD therapy. Moreover, a large European registry will be generated collecting available data on prophylactic ICD treatment for comparative analysis. Data from both, the prospective study and the registry will be compared with results from a meta-analysis of existing literature data to estimate QoL-adjusted cost-effectiveness from actual cost comparisons and Markov decision models with attention to sub-groups, regional, and sex comparisons. EU-CERT-ICD is expected to provide important novel information to validate or challenge current guideline indications for primary prophylactic ICD treatment. More information on: http://www.eu-cert-icd.eu/