Our research focuses on a new model for in vitro toxicology:

MetaHeps® generated from peripheral blood monocytes is a personalized cell model allowing individual prediction of hepatotoxicity. A simple blood sample (10-20 ml) enables even the use in children and high availability ensures the application in virtually every patient.

These cells exhibit donor specific characteristics (

and seem to reflect individual susceptibilty to iDILI (

In our ongoing study we investigate the diagnostic value of MetaHeps® as a clinical tool to positively identify iDILI patients and the offending drugs in invdividual cases (

This work shall enable more exact characterisation of iDILI cases as well as causality assessment, finally allowing the identification of novel biomarkers for iDILI (Biomarker research in cooperation with Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Prof. Mann. Funded by m4-Award of the Bavarian State Ministry of Technology).

By identifying and protecting patients at risk for DILI, MetaHeps can save lives, ensure innovation and protect investments.

See also “Studies on iDILI”