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Publikationen 2020

  • Shi L, Pohla H, Buchner A, Zhang L, Pongratz T, Rühm A, Zimmermann W, Gederaas OA, Wang X, Stepp H, Sroka R
    MOP-dependent enhancement of methadone on the effectiveness of ALA-PDT for A172 cells by upregulating phosphorylated JNK and BCL2
    Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther., 30:101657, (2020)

  • Füllenbach C, Stein P, Glaser P, Triphasu C, Lindau S, Choorapoikayil S, Schmitt E, Zacharowski K, Hintereder G, Hennig G, Homann C, Stepp H, Spahn GH, Kaserer A, Schedler A, Meybohm P, Spahn DR
    Screening for iron deficiency in surgical patients based on noninvasive zinc protoporphyrin measurements
    Transfusion, 60(1):62-72, (2020)

  • Strittmatter F, Eisel M, Brinkmann R, Cordes J, Lange B, Sroka R
    Laser-induced lithotripsy: a review, insight into laboratory work, and lessons learned
    Translational Biophotonics, e201900029, (2020)

  • Eisel M, Strittmatter F, Ströbl S, Freymüller C, Pongratz T, Sroka R
    Comparative investigation of reusable and single-use flexible endoscope for urological interventions
    Scientific Reports, 10(1):5701, (2020)

  • Heckl C, Aumiller M, Rühm A, Sroka R, Stepp H
    Fluorescence and treatment light monitoring for interstitial photodynamic therapy
    Photochem Photobiol. 96(2):388-396, (2020)

  • Ströbl S, Domke M, Rühm A, Sroka R
    Investigation of non-uniformly emitting optical fiber diffusers on the light distribution in tissue
    Biomedical Optics Express, 11(7):3601-3617, (2020)

  • Zou J, Li W, Men N, Jiang J, Wu C, Lei TC, Sroka R, Huang Z
    Evaluation of lensed fibers used in photodynamic therapy (PDT)
    Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 101924, (2020)

  • Müller P, Abdel Gaber S, Zimmermann W, Wittig R, Stepp H
    ABCG2 influence on the efficiency of photodynamic therapy in glioblastoma cells
    J Photochem Photobiol B., 111963, (2020)

  • Ströbl S, Wäger F, Domke M, Rühm A, Sroka R
    Homogeneously emitting, mechanically stable, and efficient fs-laser-machined fiber diffusers for medical applications
    Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, (2020) [Epub ahead of print]


  • Heckl C, Aumiller M, Rühm A, Stepp H, Sroka R
    Influence of oxy-, deoxy- and met-hemoglobin absorption in interstitial photodynamic therapy
    Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2020, Paper TW1B.8 (2020)

  • Ströbl S, Wäger F, Domke M, Sroka R
    Efficient and mechanical stable laser machined optical fiber diffuser for clinical applications
    Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2020, Paper TW2B.4 (2020)