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Publikationen 2011


  • Antipov OL, Zakharov NG, Fedorov M, Shakhova NM, Prodanets NN, Snopova LB, Sharkov VV, Sroka R
    Cutting effects induced by 2µm laser radiation of cw Tm: YLF and cw and Q-switched Ho: YAG lasers on ex-vivo tissue
    Medical Laser Application 26(2), 67-75 (2011)

  • Bader MJ, Gratzke C, Hecht V, Schlenker B, Seitz M, Reich O, Stief CG, Sroka R
    Impact of collateral damage to endourologic tools during laser lithotripsy - in vitro comparison of three different clinical laser systems
    J Endourol 25(4), 667-672 (2011)

  • Gallwas JK, Turk L, Stepp H, Müller S, Ochsenkühn R, Friese K, Dannecker C
    Optical coherence tomography for the diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
    Lasers Surg Med 43(3), 206-212 (2011)

  • Hartmannsberger D, Mack B, Eggert C, Denzel S, Stepp H, Betz CS, Gires O
    Transketolase-like protein 1 confers resistance to serum withdrawal in vitro
    Cancer Lett 300(1), 20-29 (2011)

  • Havel M, Sroka R, Leunig A, Patel P, Betz CS
    A double-blind, randomized, intra-individual controlled feasibility trial comparing the use of 1,470 and 940 nm diode laser for the treatment of hyperplastic inferior nasal turbinates
    Lasers Surg Med 43(9), 881-886 (2011)

  • Hennig G, Stepp H, Johansson A
    Photobleaching-based method to individualize irradiation time during interstitial 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy
    Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther 8(3), 275-281 (2011)

  • Jerjes WK, Upile T, Wong BJ, Betz CS, Sterenborg HJ, Witjes MJ, Berg K, van Veen R, Biel MA, El Naggar AK, Mosse CA, Olivo M, Richards-Kortum R, Robinson DJ, Rosen J, Yodh AG, Kendall C, Ilgner JF, Amelink A, Bagnato V, Barr H, Bolotine L, Bigio I, Chen Z, Choo-Smith LP, D'Cruz AK, Gillenwater A, Leunig A, Macrobert AJ, McKenzie G, Sandison A, Soo KC, Stepp H, Stone N, Svanberg K, Tan IB, Wilson BC, Wolfsen H, Hopper C
    The future of medical diagnostics: review paper
    Head Neck Oncol 3, 38.1-38.8 (2011)

  • Kammerer R, Buchner A, Palluch P, Pongratz T, Oboukhovskij K, Beyer W, Johansson A, Stepp H, Baumgartner R, Zimmermann W
    Induction of immune mediators in glioma and prostate cancer cells by non-lethal photodynamic therapy
    PLoS One 6(6), e21834.1-e21834.14 (2011)

  • Khoder WY, Sroka R
    Concept of a fiber guidance instrument for laser-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy
    Medical Laser Application 26(4), 176-182 (2011)

  • Khoder WY, Sroka R, Hennig G, Seitz M, Siegert S, Zillinberg K, Gratzke C, Stief CG, Becker AJ
    The 1,318-nm diode laser supported partial nephrectomy in laparoscopic and open surgery: preliminary results of a prospective feasibility study
    Lasers Med Sci 26(5), 689-697 (2011)

  • Khoder WY, Sroka R, Kellhammer N, Haseke N, Stief CG, Becker AJ
    Laser-Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy Without Ischemia: Procedure and Challenges
    J Endourol Part B Videourology 25(4) (2011)

  • Upile T, Jerjes WK, Sterenborg HJ, Wong BJ, El Naggar AK, Ilgner JF, Sandison A, Witjes MJ, Biel MA, van Veen R, Hamdoon Z, Gillenwater A, Mosse CA, Robinson DJ, Betz CS, Stepp H, Bolotine L, McKenzie G, Barr H, Chen Z, Berg K, D'Cruz AK, Sudhoff H, Stone N, Kendall C, Fisher S, Macrobert AJ, Leunig A, Olivo M, Richards-Kortum R, Soo KC, Bagnato V, Choo-Smith LP, Svanberg K, Tan IB, Wilson BC, Wolfsen H, Bigio I, Yodh AG, Hopper C
    At the frontiers of surgery: review
    Head Neck Oncol 3, 7.1-7.9 (2011)


  • Sroka R, Seitz M, Bader M
    Advanced endoscopy - laser therapy and laser surgery in urology
    In: Popp J, Tuchin VV, Chiou A, Heinemann S, editors. Handbook of Biophotonics II. (2011)

  • Sroka R, Schmedt CG
    Endovenous Laser Treatment
    In: Popp J, Tuchin VV, Chiou A, Heinemann S, editors. Handbook of Biophotonics II. (2011)


  • Sroka R, Khoder W
    Lichtwellenleiter-Führungsinstrument für endoskopische und laparaskopische chirurgische Anwendungen
    Patent DPMA 20 2011 103 007.9 (2011)

  • Sroka R, Müller J
    Gerät zur Energieapplikation für die thermisch induzierte Stapesprothesenfixation
    Patent DPMA 20 2011 104 210.7 (2011)

  • Stepp H, Hennig G, Brittenham G
    Fluorometer for non-invasive detection of iron deficiency
    Patent BayPat B71179 (2011)

  • Stepp H, Hennig G, Brittenham G
    Method to distinguish fluorochromes bound in erythrocytes or dissolved in blood from fluorochromes not bound in erythrocytes or dissolved in blood
    Patent BayPat B71180 (2011)

  • Stepp H, Schachenmayr H
    Wellenlängenselektive Blende und Fluoreszenzendoskop
    Patent DPMA 10 2010 016 264.7-51, BayPat B69281DE (2011)


  • Palte G, Johansson A, Hennig G, Beyer W, Stepp H
    Fluorescence and reflectance spectroscopy for protoporphyrin IX quantification in tissue-like media
    Proceedings of the SPIE 7883, 788340 (2011)

  • Sroka R, Hennig G, Zillinberg K, Khoder WY
    Diode Laser Supported Partial Nephrectomy in Laparoscopic Surgery: Preliminary Results
    Proceedings of the SPIE 8092, 809210 (2011)

  • Sroka R, Lilge LD
    Medical Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions V - Introduction
    Proceedings of the SPIE 8092, XI (2011)

  • Stepp H, Bergmann F, Johansson A, Heide M, Metzger R, Rolle U, Till H
    PD and PDT for hepatoblastoma? Preclinical considerations
    Proceedings of the SPIE 8092, 80920I (2011)