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Publikationen 2010


  • Andersson-Engels S, Stepp H
    Therapeutic laser application and tissue interactions: bringing light into clinical practice
    J Biophotonics 3(5-6), 259-260 (2010)

  • Bader MJ, Gratzke C, Walther S, Schlenker B, Tilki D, Hocaoglu Y, Sroka R, Stief CG, Reich O
    The PolyScope: a modular design, semidisposable flexible ureterorenoscope system
    J Endourol 24(7), 1061-1066 (2010)

  • Bader MJ, Gratzke C, Walther S, Weidlich P, Stähler M, Seitz M, Sroka R, Reich O, Stief CG, Schlenker B
    Efficacy of retrograde ureteropyeloscopic holmium laser lithotripsy for intrarenal calculi >2 cm
    Urol Res 38(5), 397-402 (2010)

  • Bader MJ, Tilki D, Gratzke C, Sroka R, Stief CG, Reich O
    Ho:YAG-laser: treatment of vesicourethral strictures after radical prostatectomy
    World J Urol 28(2), 169-172 (2010)

  • Johansson A, Kreth FW, Stummer W, Stepp H
    Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy of Brain Tumors
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 16(4), 841-853 (2010)

  • Johansson A, Palte G, Schnell O, Tonn JC, Herms J, Stepp H
    5-Aminolevulinic acid-induced protoporphyrin IX levels in tissue of human malignant brain tumors
    Photochem Photobiol 86(6), 1373-1378 (2010)

  • Karl A, Stepp H, Willmann E, Buchner A, Hocaoglu Y, Stief C, Tritschler S
    Optical coherence tomography for bladder cancer - ready as a surrogate for optical biopsy
    Results of a prospective mono-centre study. Eur J Med Res 15(3), 131-134 (2010)

  • Müller-Lisse UL, Bader M, Bauer M, Engelram E, Hocaoglu Y, Püls M, Meissner OA, Babaryka G, Sroka R, Stief CG, Reiser MF, Müller-Lisse UG
    Optical coherence tomography of the upper urinary tract: Review of initial experience ex vivo and in vivo
    Medical Laser Application 25(1), 44-52 (2010)

  • Schmedt CG, Blagova R, Karimi-Poor N, Burgmeier C, Steckmeier S, Beck T, Hecht V, Meier R, Sadeghi-Azandaryani M, Steckmeier B, Sroka R
    Update of endovenous laser therapy and the latest application studies
    Medical Laser Application 25(1), 34-43 (2010)

  • Schmedt CG, Sroka R, Sadeghi M, Steckmeier BM, Hupp T
    Neue Entwicklungen der endovenösen Lasertherapie
    Gefäßchirurgie 15(2), 125-132 (2010)

  • Sroka R, Weick K, Sadeghi-Azandaryani M, Steckmeier B, Schmedt CG
    Endovenous laser therapy - application studies and latest investigations
    J Biophotonics 3(5-6), 269-276 (2010)

  • Stepp H, Sroka R
    Possibilities of lasers within NOTES
    Minim. Invasive Ther. Allied Technol. 19(5), 274-280 (2010)

  • Thomsen K, Meier R, Stepp H, Sroka R
    Development of a confocal and two-photon endomicroscope - Preliminary results of qualitative evaluation
    Medical Laser Application 25(3), 166-172 (2010)


  • Schmedt CG, Sroka R, Steckmeier BM
    Endovenöse Laserablation
    In: Noppeney T, Nüllen H, editors. Diagnostik und Therapie der Varikose. 349-358 (2010)


  • Stepp H, Schachenmayr H
    Apparatus And Method For Controlling A Multi-Color Output Of An Image Of A Medical Object
    US 2010/0322492 A1 (2010)


  • Johansson A, Kreth FW, Ardeshiri A, Stummer W, Schnell O, Herms J, Palte G, Beyer W, Stepp H
    Protoporphyrin IX for photodynamic therapy of brain tumours
    Proceedings of the SPIE 7715, 77151M-77151M-8 (2010)

  • Stepp H, Schachenmayr H, Ehrhardt A, Göbel W, Zhorzel S, Betz CS
    Endoscopic ICG perfusion imaging for flap transplants: technical development
    Proceedings of the SPIE 7548, 75482A-75482A-5 (2010)