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Publikationen 2005


  • Goetz CM, Rachinger W, Decker M, Gildehaus FJ, Stocker S, Jung G, Tatsch K, Tonn JC, Reulen HJ
    Distribution of labelled anti-tenascin antibodies and fragments after injection into intact or partly resected C6-gliomas in rats
    Cancer Immunol Immunother 54(4), 337-344 (2005)

  • Ito S, Rachinger W, Stepp H, Reulen HJ, Stummer W
    Oedema formation in experimental photo-irradiation therapy of brain tumours using 5-ALA
    Acta Neurochir (Wien ) 147(1), 57-65 (2005)

  • Muacevic A, Peller M, Ruprecht L, Berg D, Fend L, Sroka R, Reulen HJ, Reiser M, Tonn JC, Kreth FW
    Image guided interstitial laser thermotherapy: a canine model evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging and quantitative autoradiography
    Acta Neurochir (Wien ) 147(2), 175-185 (2005)

  • Zaak D, Karl A, Knüchel R, Stepp H, Hartmann A, Reich O, Bachmann A, Siebels M, Popken G, Stief C
    Diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder using fluorescence endoscopy
    BJU Int 96(2), 217-222 (2005)


  • Draxinger W, Noll M, Stepp H, Irion K
    Method and device for creating at least one section of a virtual 3D model of a body cavity
    WO Patent WO/2005/077,272 (2005)


  • Baumgartner R, Waidelich R, Beyer W, Stepp HG, Knüchel-Clarke R, Hofstetter A
    Integral photodynamic therapy of bladder cancer using 5-ALA and white light
    Proceedings of SPIE 5686, 207-213 (2005)

  • Gottschalk W, Hengst J, Sroka R, Unsoeld E
    Influence of the laser-induced temperature rise in photodynamic therapy
    Proceedings of SPIE 1427, 320 (2005)

  • Stepp HG, Beck T, Beyer W, Pongratz T, Sroka R, Baumgartner R, Stummer W, Olzowy B, Mehrkens JH, Tonn JC
    Fluorescence-guided resections and photodynamic therapy for malignant gliomas using 5-aminolevulinic acid
    Proceedings of SPIE 5686, 547-557 (2005)