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Access (english)

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Hinweis: Not to scale in any detail. For the sake of clarity, some buildings are not shown.

Directions by subway (“U-Bahn”, transport association: “MVV”)

  • Take subway line U6 (dark blue line) in the direction of “Klinikum Großhadern” and exit at station “Großhadern”
  • Leave the platform in the train's forward direction and take the right staircase after reaching the mezzanine
  • Turn right into Marchioninistraße, follow the ramp upwards and pass the gate
  • After a 7 to 10 minutes’ walk, walk down the 3rd of the downward leading staircases on your right
  • LIFE center is the single-level building in front of you

Subway train schedule

Parking nearby LIFE-Center

  • Note: Without specific authorization, parking is not allowed in the area Butenandtstraße/Feodor-Lynen-Straße. High risk of getting towed away!
  • Visitors can use the large car park whose entry is located to the right of the gate when accessing the area via Waldwiesenstraße/Sauerbruchstraße and Marchioninistraße.

Delivery of goods directly to LIFE-Center

  • For the delivery of goods and equipment, turn off from Waldwiesenstraße/Sauerbruchstraße into Würmtalstraße in the outbound direction. Turn left into Butenandtstraße and again left into Feodor-Lynen-Straße. The LIFE center is located in the rear part of the single-level research building on the right. A short access road leads to the entrance at the backside of the building where equipment can be unloaded.

Directions by car (from inside of Munich)

  • Take highway A96 connecting München and Lindau
  • Leave the highway at the exit “München-Blumenau/-Großhadern”
  • Follow Waldwiesenstraße for approx. 1 km, heading south (from the highway: turn left when approaching from Munich or right when approaching from Lindau)
  • Turn right into Marchioninistraße to get to the car park for visitors
  • Take the small staircase upward to Marchioninistraße and turn right. After a few minutes’ walk, one of the next staircases on your right will guide you down to LIFE Center, which is the only single-level building in that area

Directions by car (from outside of Munich)

  • Follow the routes around Munich to the bypass highway (A99) or the “Mittlerer Ring” (urban road), whichever is closer to your location
  • Follow the signs to highway A96 connecting München and Lindau
  • From there: see ‘Directions by car (from inside of Munich)’

Arrival by plane

  • Take suburban train S1 (light blue line) or S8 (light yellow line) from the airport towards the city center of Munich
  • Get off at Marienplatz and change to subway line U6 (dark blue line) in the direction of “Klinikum Großhadern”
  • From there: see ‘Directions by subway (“U-Bahn”, transport association: “MVV”)’