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Addiction day care unit

Doctor in charge

Dr. med. Gabi Koller (Consultant)

Our addiction day care unit can accommodate 15 patients. The treatment team, consisting of nurses, doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers, ensures that patients receive optimal care and treatment. 

Main priorities

Our day care unit focusses on accompanying patients in a domestic, everyday environment.

We treat the following patients in our unit: patients discharged from Ward C4, patients with imminent or recent relapse, patients who have to wait until they can start withdrawal treatment or for whom inpatient admission is not currently possible.

Treatment concept

  • We perform comprehensive diagnostics of possible concomitant diseases and provide individually tailored treatments comprising pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and social therapy.
  • In intensive group and individual sessions, we discuss topics with patients such as being content in abstinence, behavioural alternatives to substance use and coping with crisis situations.
  • A mindfulness group, exercise therapy and occupational therapy complement the treatment offerings.
  • With the help of social work, we improve patients’ personal life situations and arrange follow-up treatment and assistance.
  • Because many patients with addiction disorders have difficulty organising their leisure time, we discuss this topic in great detail.
  • We try to involve relatives in treatment and to arrange information and assistance for them.
  • We offer advice if patients have sleep problems.

Our goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life effectively and in the longer term.

You can reach us at

  • +48 89 4400 52739
  • +49 89 4400 55346
  • Mobile phone: 015254849336