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Day care unit

Doctor in charge

Dr. med. Ulrich Palm 

Our day care unit can accommodate 26 day care patients. It has light, pleasant group rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The therapeutic team, consisting of two doctors, two psychologists, four nurses, a social worker and several occupational therapists, physiotherapists and music therapists, ensures that patients receive optimal care and treatment.

Main priorities

  • Our treatment programme is aimed primarily at patients with depressive, schizophrenic, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • The day care unit serves as a link between psychiatric inpatient and outpatient treatment and in the long term can help to avoid repeated inpatient admissions.
  • With our close-meshed treatment concept we simulate a daily routine that is close to everyday life and thus we can identify and train individual strengths and deficits. Treatment times are from 8 a.m. to about 4.30 p.m. The average duration of treatment is six to eight weeks.

Treatment concept

  • One focus of treatment is on improving patients’ ability to cope with everyday life. This includes e.g. daily structure, social competence, social integration and self-help competence.
  • Another focus is on patients’ successful return to everyday life. This includes an outpatient treatment concept and a plan for the future that incorporates the concrete planning of continued work in a professional environment.
  • The day hospital treatment setting allows patients to receive psychiatric treatment while remaining in their familial and social environment. This allows treatment progress to be tested and implemented directly in everyday life.
    ’Return to everyday life filled with energy‘
  • In addition to the continuation or initiation and optimisation of psychopharmacological treatment, close-meshed occupational therapy, music therapy, art therapy and physiotherapy and behaviour therapy-oriented group and individual psychotherapy are at the forefront of treatment.
  • Our experienced social worker provides advice and support in occupational and social integration. This includes professional reintegration, rehabilitation measures and the start of a gradual reintegration at work.
  • We always offer topics for doctoral theses in the field of medicine.
  • Currently we are evaluating our treatment concept in a research project with questionnaires and neuropsychological tests.


  • The treating psychiatrist is responsible for registering patients by completing our day care unit application form.

Doctor in charge