Ward C2 | Psychiatric intensive care unit for women and men

Doctor in charge

Dr. med. Ulrich Palm (Consultant)


Our psychiatric intensive care and admission unit has 22 inpatient beds. We mainly treat women. A 25-person team consisting of doctors, psychologists, nurses, a social worker and an occupational therapist will offer you medical and human support in coping with your difficult life situation. The work of this multiprofessional team aims to recognise and strengthen your personal resources and to maintain and promote your independence as much as possible for the duration of your treatment on our ward. Our ward has a cosy atmosphere thanks to its recreation room with a TV area and table football, dining room, group therapy room, smoking room and fitness corner with an exercise bicycle.

Main priorities

We treat and care for the full range of acute and severe mental illnesses and life crises, e.g. schizophrenic psychoses, depressions, manias, acute deliria, alcohol and drug intoxications and dementias.
Crisis intervention in acute life crises, e.g. suicidal thoughts or after attempted suicide.

Treatment concept

The treatment options on our ward comprise several components:

  • We offer intensive monitoring and care.
  • After careful diagnosis of the acute illness we immediately start individualised pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment.
  • We provide patients with knowledge about their illness.
  • We design an individual treatment plan for each patient and develop procedures to prevent relapse.
  • The individually tailored treatment plans and the promotion of existing resources, with the involvement of relatives, should enable patients to lead an independent life again.
  • Our patient-oriented, individual care system enables holistic care for patients. This includes e.g. biography work, daily schedules, household-related activities and accompaniment into the home environment.
  • Patients can take advantage of concomitant therapies such as physiotherapy and music therapy, art therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Our social services support and advise patients in case of social problems.
  • The aim is to achieve a reduction in symptoms as quickly as possible so that patients can be transferred for further treatment to an open ward that is specialised in their particular illness.


Our hospital will gladly offer you the option to participate in modern scientific studies on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of your particular illness.
We are happy to inform you about the latest medical knowledge and offer you novel treatment procedures based on state-of-the-art medical research.