Ward C0 | Private ward

Doctors in charge

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Falkai (Senior Consultant) and Dr. med. Tobias Rüther (Consultant)

Our ward has 18 inpatient beds in single and double rooms. We can also accommodate four day care patients who are treated on the ward but sleep at home. A large team comprising specialists and consultants, three doctors, three psychologists, 18 nurses and a social worker ensures that our patients receive optimal care and treatment. Prof. Dr. med. Peter Falkai, medical director of the Department of Psychiatry, is in charge of the ward and plays a significant role in designing treatment plans by personally interacting with patients.

Main priorities

We are a cross-diagnostic ward that offers each individual patient an illness-specific, individualised, patient-centred and tailored treatment based on current scientific knowledge.

Treatment concept

Through our close cooperation with our private outpatient clinic and practice-based psychiatrists we offer the possibility for fast admission as an inpatient and seamless transition into follow-up outpatient treatment. We place particular emphasis on uninterrupted communication with the outpatient network.

We offer an accurate diagnosis and exclude organic causes (by performing magnetic resonance tomography, EEG, laboratory tests, standardised psychological evaluation) and also clarify physical symptoms. To do so, we work in close interdisciplinary collaboration with the hospitals in the university network and the private outpatient clinics.

When we have made a diagnosis, we design an individualised treatment plan together with the patient. The plan includes psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment and support from social workers. It also includes working with relatives so that they are included in treatment and relieved of some pressure.
After making a diagnosis we decide whether to treat with psychopharmaceuticals. The decision is guideline oriented and patient centred. After providing detailed information to patients, together we choose a drug with the best possible effects and low risk of side effects. Prof. Peter Falkai, who is also Chairman of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), and all doctors on the ward attach particular importance to providing state-of-the-art treatment based on current scientific knowledge.

Every patient’s treatment includes individual psychotherapy sessions during which individual triggers and solutions are discussed and tested. In addition, patients on the ward can participate in a cognitive behaviour therapy group where they develop ideas about causes of the illness, stress management and the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions. We also offer exercise therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Psychotherapeutic focal groups discuss the topics of self-esteem, social competence and stress management. Besides these stimulating activities we offer a varied relaxation programme that includes progressive muscle relaxation, yoga and mindfulness. Once a week nurses offer a leisure group that offers activities such as bowling in our own bowling alley.

In addition, as a university hospital we can also offer procedures such as transcranial brain stimulation (such as tDCS, TMS, ECT) and ketamine treatment.

The focal point of our work is each individual’s recovery. We view psychiatry as holistic healing for the mind and as a link between concepts of neurobiology and natural sciences and those of psychology and social sciences. Our goal is, together with our patients, to help them solve life problems, find new perspectives for the future and master the tasks of life again.

Research and teaching

In close cooperation with the scientific research groups, interested patients can contribute to scientific progress and benefit from the latest treatment approaches.